11-May-2010 11:45 AM

Air France-KLM passenger numbers down 20.3%, RASK up in Apr-2010

Air France-KLM passenger numbers down 20.3% - traffic highlights in Apr-2010:

  • Passenger numbers: 5.0 million, -20.3% year-on-year;
  • Load factor: 80.0%, -0.6 ppt;
    • Europe: 69.7%, -0.6 ppt;
    • Trans-Atlantic: 85.0%, -0.4 ppt;
    • Asia Pacific: 83.5%, -2.6 ppts;
    • Africa & Middle East: 80.1%, +1.3 ppt;
    • Caribbean & Indian Ocean: 78.9%, -1.7 ppt. [more]

The carrier estimates the net impact on operating income of EUR35 million per day of completely suspended operations.

Air France-KLM: “Activity during the month saw three phases. Up until the ash crisis, traffic continued the positive trend of the previous month, with a 1.1% rise for capacity down by 1.4%. Unit revenue per available seat kilometer (RASK) excluding currency was strongly up on a year earlier. Traffic collapsed during the seven days of the crisis … however, despite this significant disruption, RASK excluding currency impact was up on last year. Forward bookings for the next few weeks are showing a positive trend,” Company statement. Source: Air France-KLM, 10-May-2010.