11-May-2010 11:29 AM

AEA: Latest airspace closures affect less than 2% of flights

Association of European Airlines stated less than 2% of flights by its member carriers were affected by European airspace closures over the weekend (AP, 10-May-2010). Losses are expected to be small, although the knock-on effects of delays and re-routings are expected to be difficult to quantify.

Association of European Airlines: “In terms of airspace closures, there were bits and pieces here and there, but these were relatively short term. Trans-Atlantic traffic has also not been severely disrupted but there has been lengthy re-routings which affected fuel burn and also led to knock-on disruptions and delays. Those are the kind of losses that it will be much harder to put figures to,” David Henderson, Spokesman. Source: AP, 10-May-2010.