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ACI World reports pax traffic up 3% in Nov-2011, cargo falls for seventh consecutive month

11-Jan-2012 10:14 AM

ACI World reports global airport traffic rose 2.9% in Nov-2011:

  • Passenger numbers: 295.4 million, +2.9% year-on-year;
      • Domestic: 163.2 million, +3.1%;
      • International: 127.5 million, +2.9%;
    • Africa: 8.4 million, -9.7%;
    • Asia Pacific: 80.2 million, +4.8%;
    • Europe: 84.0 million, +2.5%;
    • Latin America and the Caribbean: 23.3 million, +8.9%;
    • Middle East: 9.2 million, +8.1%;
    • North America: 90.2 million, +0.9%;
  • Global freight: 5.4 million tonnes, -1.6%;
      • Domestic: 1.6 million, 1.4%;
      • International: 3.6 million, -2.9%;
    • Africa: 49,000, +27.3%;
    • Asia Pacific: 2.0 million, -3.2%;
    • Europe: 1.1 million, -3.9%;
    • Latin America and the Caribbean: 228,600, +3.5%;
    • Middle East: 363,300, +2.7%;
    • North America: 1.7 million, -0.5%.

ACI World: “Air freight is continuing to be sidelined for the seventh consecutive month with an overall year over year decline of -1.6%. However, significant variation is observed across the regions. Many airports in the southern hemisphere are performing well in terms of freight growth whereas the northern airports of Asia and Europe are seeing year over year declines in air freight.” Company statement, 09-Jan-2012.

ACI World: “While growth in passenger traffic will be in the vicinity of 5% for 2011, indicative of a healthy global passenger market, we may see passenger traffic for 2012 curtailed for certain economies that are teetering towards a recession. Air freight also seems to have a mixed picture. Despite the overall slowdown in global air freight in Asia-Pacific and Europe, key trading blocks in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East seem to be less affected by the continuing economic risks in the Euro area. If the structural problems and the debt crises have been fully resolved, we are likely to see stronger footing in air freight traffic as business confidence is restored,” Rafael Echevarne, economics director. Source: Company statement, 09-Jan-2012. [more - original PR]