2-Jul-2010 12:27 PM

ACI reports 10.3% rise in May-2010 international pax

Airports Council International (ACI) reports (01-Jul-2010) the following traffic highlights in May-2010:

  • Passenger numbers: 291.8 million, +7.9% year-on-year;
    • Domestic: 151.9 million, +5.8%;
    • International: 137.5 million, +10.3%;
  • Cargo volume: 5.8 million tonnes, +26.8%:
    • Domestic: 1.7 million tonnes, +12.3%;
    • International: 3.8 million tonnes, +34.6%. [more]

ACI: “Worldwide freight growth wins the spotlight this month with a 27% increase worldwide and an even more spectacular 35% rise for international freight. Air freight remains on track to reach or exceed pre-crisis levels in the second quarter. The strong upward trend is still intact which bodes well for a sustained global economic recovery," Andreas Schimm, ACI Director of Economics. Source: ACI, 01-Jul-2010.