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ACI EUROPE welcomes outcome of latest round of EU-US negotiations

29-Mar-2010 9:15 AM

ACI EUROPE welcomed (26-Mar-2010) the new second phase of the EU/US opens skies agreement, stating it effectively builds upon the first phase, which liberalised international air traffic rights between Europe and the US. [more]

ACI EUROPE: “Although this agreement does not do away with the outdated US restrictions on airline ownership & control, it still grants more stability to the liberalised transatlantic market and significantly improves cooperation between the EU and the US. These are key wins, at a time when aviation continues to face economic uncertainty. In particular, the enhanced cooperation in the areas of competition, air traffic management, safety and security will benefit the travelling public, our airport members and their communities. As active participants in these negotiations, ACI EUROPE welcomes this result and will play its part to ensure the successful implementation of this new agreement,” Olivier Jankovec, Director General. Source: ACI Europe, 26-Mar-2010.