Virgin Australia partnership encourages tourists to head west

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Virgin Australia partnership encourages tourists to head west

A new $1.2 million marketing partnership with Virgin Australia will sell Western Australia (WA) to the East Coast market.

Virgin Australia and Tourism WA will each commit $600,000 as part of the new two year agreement to build WA's profile to prospective tourists, as well as targeting them with discounted fares and holiday packages.

Regional areas of the State, including Broome and Kununurra, will be promoted through the joint advertising deal, which will also highlight a range of exciting events across WA to tempt tourists throughout the year.

Perth's transformation will also be promoted to holiday makers, with advertising material educating tourists about the city's attractions including accommodation and events.

The arrangement is one of a range of cooperative marketing agreements made between Tourism WA and industry partners that are designed to boost visitation to WA.

Undertaking cooperative marketing agreements are part of Tourism WA's Two-Year Action Plan to encourage more people to visit WA. During 2017-18, these agreements generated approximately $446 million in economic benefit for WA.

This press release was sourced from Tourism Western Australia on 15-Jan-2019.