Tourism Industry Statement On Updated Travel Restrictions From China

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Tourism Industry Statement On Updated Travel Restrictions From China

Australia’s tourism and transport sector fully understands the updated restrictions that the Australian Government has placed on people who have left or transited through mainland China coming to Australia as part of prudent management of a global health emergency.

Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF) Chief Executive Margy Osmond said TTF has been and will continue to work closely with the Australian Government to ensure the sector has a clear line of communication to express both needs and concerns.

“This is unprecedented period for our domestic and international tourism, transport, accommodation and aviation sectors and unfortunately the impacts will be felt right across Australia in the coming months.

“Many operators continue to face the impacts from the widespread bushfire crisis which has devastated certain regional communities over the last few months.

“On top of that, our industry is now bracing for major downturn in travel and tourism in the coming months as a result of novel coronavirus. It is a “double whammy” for our sector as many visitors from major markets either won’t be able to or will choose not to travel.

“We are a resilient sector and will come out the other end of this challenging period stronger than ever, as we have done in times past.

Australia is and always will be, a first class visitor experience for all markets.

“We will continue to foster our deep relationship with China and look forward to once again welcoming all visitors to our shores.”

This press release was sourced from Tourism & Transport Forum Australia on 03-Feb-2020.