Take a behind-the-scenes look at how our newest Boeing 737 was built

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Jan-2018 This week, we’re very happy to have welcomed our newest Boeing 737-800 Next-Generation (NG) aircraft in to our fleet, named Dreamtime Beach. This delivery completes our Boeing 737 fleet of more than 80 aircraft. Not only is the Boeing 737 the most popular aircraft type in our fleet, it’s also the world’s most popular aircraft! All Boeing 737s are constructed at Boeing’s Renton Factory near Seattle, which is responsible for building roughly 30% of the worldwide fleet flying today.

All Boeing 737s begin the construction journey in Wichita, Kansas, where fuselages are constructed before being transported to Seattle by rail. Once a fuselage arrives at the Renton factory, it takes just 9 days for a completed aircraft to roll off the assembly line!

Renowned for service reliability and fuel efficiency, the Boeing 737-800 NG incorporates Boeing’s structural frame improvements to minimise drag and fuel usage. In the near future, we’re excited for the arrival of the Boeing 737 MAX-8, which are scheduled to arrive in 2019.

Dreamtime Beach is set to take to the skies on its first service in early February and will feature our Economy X product as well as in-flight Wi-Fi later in the year.

Our newest aircraft will feature:

A modern flight deck, featuring state-of-the-art flight management software and panel display technology;

Advanced technology wing design that enhances take-off performance;

Contemporary interiors including sculpted walls and windows to provide a more open layout in the cabin;

Enlarged overhead locker compartments for increased stowage availability and carry-on luggage; and

Improved sound systems incorporated into each passenger row to improve in-flight sound clarity.

Keep an eye out for ‘Dreamtime Beach’ from February onwards, and we hope to welcome you onto our newest aircraft soon!

This press release was sourced from Virign Australia, on 04-Feb-2018.