Swine Flu update - 29-Apr-09: Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong Airport Authority implemented precautionary measures at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to guard against the potential outbreak.

The Airport Authority (AA) has put in place a number of precautionary measures at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to guard against the potential outbreak of swine influenza.
In line with HKIA’s “Infectious Diseases Preparedness and Response Plans”, the following hygiene and health measures are being implemented:
Stepping up cleaning and disinfection of terminal facilities and AA offices. For instance, disinfecting cleaning for washroom facilities is now carried out once every two hours, up from once every four hours between 0700 and 2400 hours, while the half-hourly general cleaning of all toilets remains. Check-in counters, customer counters, boarding gate desks and transfer desks are now being cleaned once every two hours instead of once every three hours
Enhancing maintenance of the indoor ventilation system
Providing adequate facilities and cleaning materials for hand-washing
Encouraging all AA staff to check their temperature before reporting to work. Staff showing symptoms consistent with flu shall report back to work only after fulfilling a doctor’s advice for rest and medical treatment
Asking airport community members to keep the AA informed of the number and condition of staff with flu
Keeping abreast of the latest developments regarding swine flu by obtaining daily updates from Port Health Office and arranging briefings by the Port Health Office to airport community members including airlines, retailers and caterers, franchisees and other service providers
The AA will continue to work closely with the Port Health Office and support all Government measures to combat swine influenza. In addition to facilitating temperature-checking, the AA will give its full support to the Government’s request for health declarations from all arriving passengers.
AA Airport Management Director, Howard Eng said, “The AA will continue to provide passenger facilities that are of the highest hygienic standards for all airport users. We will closely monitor the situation and step up our precautionary measures as and when necessary.”
In 2005, the AA developed the Infectious Diseases Preparedness and Response Plans, detailing a 3-level response system that ties in with the Government’s stepped response approach for contagious diseases. The Plans were subsequently tested and refined following numerous exercises and drills organised by the AA.