Swedavia Enhances Their Wi-Fi Service and Moves to the Cloud With Aptilo

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Swedavia, the state-owned Swedish Airport developer and operator, has further enhanced their Wi-Fi service and moved to the cloud with Aptilo Networks.

The ten largest airports in Sweden, with 42 million passengers yearly, are owned and operated by Swedavia. Since 2005, Swedavia has put their trust in Aptilo's experts managing the Wi-Fi service from servers in Swedavia's data center.

Now Swedavia has renewed the contract for another three years and is moving from in-house operations to the Aptilo private cloud offering on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Swedavia can now use the latest Aptilo features for Wi-Fi marketing, analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT). This includes the new Wi-Fi access method using an icon-based survey. It provides enhanced insights about the user with the smallest user effort. The login page (Wi-Fi Captive Portal) is split into several screens. The user provides data by clicking on icons, rushing on to the next page. One of Aptilo's other airport customers gained 15% more Wi-Fi users overnight by using this approach instead of a traditional login.

"We are proud to have earned Swedavia's trust for another three years," said Paul Mikkelsen, CEO, Aptilo Networks. "We will continue to help them deliver state-of-the-art connectivity services at their airports. It is also wonderful that Swedavia has joined our cloud-first strategy. Our new IoT offerings, Aptilo Wi-Fi Zero-touch and Aptilo IoT CCS, are both by default delivered as services on AWS."

This press release was sourced from Aptilo Networks on 01-Jul-2020.