SkyEurope suspends all flights

Direct News Source

01-Sep-2009 SkyEurope informs with the biggest regret - especially for its passengers and employees but also its business partners - that SkyEurope Airlines A.S., the operative subsidiary of SkyEurope Holding AG, has suspended operations due to filing for bankruptcy by the restructuring trustee today.

The trustee, appointed by the Slovak court to oversee the restructuring process, has assessed that the company did not have sufficient funds for sustaining operations. This has come about after recent actions of suppliers and reduced passenger bookings and traffic revenue. The airline had tried to set up a bridge financing facility to remedy the liquidity shortfall, but this facility was not funded in the last moment.

All SkyEurope flights are suspended with immediate effect. SkyEurope expresses its outmost regret and apologies to the travellers for any inconvenience and assures that until the very end all efforts have been made to carry out all flights. An orderly procedure will be set up to minimize discomfort to the travelling public.