SkyBus Australia renews partnership with Vodafone

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SkyBus renews Partnership with Vodafone Australia for the next three years to provide Free Wifi services on all SkyBus services

As our possessions become ever-more digital and our lives become increasingly integrated, SkyBus recognizes the need for travellers to stay connected during an express airport transfer. The revolution in communication technology has made access to our worldwide network a priority, and SkyBus is excited to provide this through their partnership with Vodafone, for the coming three years.

As SkyBus continues to grow, with seven new services introduced in the last year, the portion of international passengers continues to rapidly grow. The Wifi provided by Vodafone gives passengers the opportunity to connect with loved-ones and let them know they have arrived safely. Vodafone's on-board Wifi also allows corporate travelers to keep up with demands of work, to send some last-minute emails or instructions before their flight, or continue planning travel. The opportunities with Vodafone's free WiFi are endless, and SkyBus is excited to continue providing this for passengers.

SkyBus Co-CEO and director Michael Sewards said "The renewal of this collaboration enables us to provide free WiFi to all SkyBus passengers across Australia. With innovation and the power to share across the internet at the forefront of our day-to-day lives, we're excited to continue our strong and successful partnership with Vodafone for another 3 years to enable us to provide a world class customer experience."

The brand alignment of Vodafone and SkyBus is highly unique, and goes much deeper than just the colour Red. Both corporates are committed to company initiatives surrounding sustainability, working on ways to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption. They also continually work on providing affordable services to assist international travellers. But most importantly, there is a shared devotion to improving customer experience. As an international traveller lands on Australian soil, they will see the familiar Vodafone signage on our SkyBus vehicles.

With airport transfers at Melbourne Tullamarine, Avalon, Gold Coast and now Hobart Airports, all travellers seeking Express transport in these regions will continue to benefit from the renewed partnership between SkyBus and Vodafone Australia.

This press release was sourced from SkyBus on 11-Jun-2019.