Rex Announces Community Fare for King Island

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Rex Announces Community Fare for King Island

Regional Express (Rex) today announced the introduction of the highly successful Rex Community Fare scheme between King Island and Melbourne. The introduction of this community-focused initiative coincides with an agreement being reached with King Island Council in regards to the King Island Airport charges.

The Rex Community Fare between King Island and Melbourne will be priced at $99.00 each way and will be available outside of 30 days prior to departure, subject to Community Fare availability, in addition to all remaining unsold seats within 24 hours prior to departure.

Warrick Lodge, Rex General Manager Network Strategy & Sales said, "I would like to thank the King Island Council, under the leadership of Mayor Julie Arnold and newly appointed General Manager Greg Alomes, for cooperatively and transparently working with Rex to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome to Council and the Airline. The $99 Rex Community Fare will directly benefit local residents by making air travel more affordable to the socio-economic benefit of King Island".

"King Island becomes the 38th regional community to receive the highly coveted and praised Rex Community Fare. Rex and its predecessor Kendell Airlines have almost 40 years of experience in servicing the air travel needs of King Island, so Rex well understands the importance of this initiative to the local King Island community."

King Island Council Mayor, Julie Arnold said "The availability of the Rex Community Fare will be a boon for our community and our tourism market. As an island, access by shipping and air is our number one constraint on growth. The continuing support from Rex over the last four decades has been a lifeline for us and access to these discounted fares is very much appreciated. Any initiative, such as this, which strengthens our tourism market appeal and reduces costs for our residents, will benefit both the King Island community and our Rex partners."

This press release was sourced from Regional Express (Rex) on 10-Sep-2019.