Refining NZ - Pipeline repair: status update

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18-Sep-2017 Pipeline repair: status update

We are running to schedule with our time-plan for repairing the pipe, returning the pipeline to service and getting jet fuel delivered into Wiri Oil Services Ltd (WOSL).

As per our earlier update, we are expecting to deliver jet fuel into WOSL between midday Sunday the 24th and midday Tuesday the 26th.

From that point we estimate it will take another 30 hours for the jet fuel to settle, for recertification to be obtained, and to transport to the airport for final use.

Our repair team has made good progress on the dewatering of the first of two pits required to weld stopples (internal plugs) in place in the pipeline. Construction of the second stopple pit has started.

We are in the process of hazard assessing of the first stopple before it can be welded in place.

The stopples are an important part of the repair process. They prevent the contents of the line from emptying into the repair zone.

Welding and preparation of the replacement pipe section has started, ready for installation later in the week.

During the day we continued with the recovery of the small amount of remaining fuel. Water testing undertaken by Refining NZ and Northland Regional Council indicates that there has been no contamination of surrounding waterways.

Our air quality monitoring indicates that there is no health hazard for the community.