Macau: Admendment of Service Contract between CAM and ADA

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11-Sep-2009 The Service Contract between CAM-Macau International Airport Company Limited and ADA-Administration of Airports Limited signed in 1994 for providing management and operational services at Macau International Airport will expire on 11 September 2009.

Having witnessed the rapid development of the Macau economy and society as well as having experienced years of operation of Macau International Airport, CAM and ADA both desire to adapt to the current situation in order to cope with the overall development of Macau SAR. In accordance with the airport operational objectives of safety, efficiency and effectiveness, it is essential to establish various types of management systems and set forth control systems adapted to the changing environment and to present needs.

Therefore after several months of negotiations, CAM and ADA both agreed to sign an amendment to the existing service contract for a period of two years. The signing ceremony took place at 3:30pm on 10 September 2009 in CAM Office Building. Signatories from both sides included Dr. Deng Jun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAM, Mr. Ng Fok, Executive Director of CAM, Mr. Li Jinlin, Chairman of the Board of ADA, and Mr. Zhou Guangquan, Director of the Board of ADA.

As stipulated in the Concession Contract granted by the Macau SAR, CAM will be responsible for the management and administration of airport financial activities as well as of sub-concessions activities while ADA will provide airport management and operational services. This will clear up the responsibilities, obligations and accountability of both parties. This will also accelerate commercial and operational decision process making and enhance airport service standards.