Kenya Airways lowers costs on extra baggage on its Intra-Africa Flights

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National Carrier, Kenya Airways will implement a new baggage policy that will entitle its guests to 20% discount on any extra bag purchases up to 24 hours to departure.

The new baggage policy will take effect on May 15th 2018.

In addition to reduced extra baggage fees within Intra-Africa flights, guests will be entitled to one free bag in the economy class cabin at a maximum weight of 23 kilograms per passenger within Africa. However, the intra-Africa one free bag allowance will not apply to passengers travelling to and from other continents.

Business class passengers will maintain their allowance at two free bags at 32 Kilograms maximum weight per bag.

Kenya Airways Group Managing Director and CEO Mr. Sebastian Mikosz said “The new baggage policy is part of Kenya Airways strategy to provide simplified and discounted competitive prices for passengers who book their extra baggage, any time before 24 hours to departure whilst enhancing customer service for our guests”

Kenya Airways has also expanded its distribution channels by increasing the available points where passengers will be able to purchase extra baggage. This move is intended to provide more convenience for passengers.

This press release was sourced from Kenya Airways on 15-May-2018.