Jet Airways inducts India's first Boeing 737 MAX 8 for a superior flying experience

Aircraft first among 225 MAXs to be inducted by Jet Airways over the next decade

Jet Airways, India's premier international airline, today announced the induction of its very first Boeing 737 MAX in its fleet in keeping with its philosophy to continuously offer its guests a considerably superior and differentiated flying experience.

The 737 MAX represents Boeing's latest upgrade to its single aisle 737 – the world's most-produced commercial jet airplane of all time – which has been the backbone of Jet Airways' fleet ever since the airline commenced operations in 1993 with the then latest 737-300s.

The 737 MAX has been specially designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability with a fuel efficiency of up to 15 percent that translates into a lower seat per mile cost as well as an extended range. This remarkable output is delivered by a unique combination of structural enhancements that comprise several aerodynamic improvements including, revolutionary Advanced Technology (AT) Winglets that smoothen airflow, helping reduce drag and increasing efficiency by nearly 2 percent.

Performance is further optimised with a new and unique CFM LEAP-1B engine that incorporates leading-edge technologies such as a large 69-inch fan with lesser number of blades. The ultra-light fan blades made from carbon fiber composites, together with the use of chevrons at the rear of the engine cowling complement the aircraft's efficiency, lower weight and drag and reduce its noise footprint by as much as 40 percent. The unique engine design requires less maintenance and suits the MAXs lower operating weight as well as its need for less thrust than competitors, adding to its distinctiveness.

Commenting on the induction of the airline's first 737 MAX, Mr. Vinay Dube, Chief Executive Officer, Jet Airways, said, "Arrival of the 737 MAX is a proud moment that marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Jet Airways and Indian aviation. The 737 MAX is a critical part of our strategy and is equipped to offer our guests the hospitality and travel experience they deserve. The induction of the fuel efficient 737 MAX will also enable us to meet our strategic ambitions of growth, enhance our operational reliability and reduce costs."

Jet Airways' all new Boeing 737 Max 8 is replete with numerous features that will provide guests with a truly unmatched flying experience. Guests stepping onboard the new MAX are greeted by the customizable and eye-catching Boeing Sky Interior that features new, modern-sculpted sidewalls, anti-glare LED lighting and other appealing improvements to both form and function. The Sky Interior offers up to 9 different lighting scenarios for different stages of a flight. What's more, the transitions can be adapted to Jet Airways' brand colors to enhance the overall ambience and cabin experience while flying. Additionally, redesigned overhead storage bins make efficient use of space to provide guests with extra room for storing their cabin baggage conveniently, allowing for faster boarding and on time departures.

The new 737 MAX 8 will offer a standard two-class configuration comprising 12 Première and 162 seats in Economy, complete with JetScreen - the airline's in-flight entertainment system that offers over 330 hours of the latest entertainment on personal devices. Guests can relax and enjoy their favourite programming from among Hollywood, Bollywood and regional movies, TV shows, games and music.

Seats in Première have been encased in vibrant leather that has been specially sourced from Wollsdorf - providers of seating to top-notch premium automotive brands such as Porsche and Mercedes. The richness and attention to detail is visible in the use of ochre coloured threads for the weave as well as the execution of perfect stitches, which match perfectly with the associated upholstery, echoing the fine taste associated with every Premiere traveller. Premiere seats have been specially equipped with in-built USB ports, laptop chargers, portable electronic device holders along with generous legroom and a comfortable recline ranging from 7”-10” to provide an appropriate mix of productivity and comfort.

While Premiere seats possess a 40” pitch those in Economy will have variable pitch that ranges from 29”-31” with a 5” recline. Seats in Economy have been encased in fine faux leather in an extremely soothing color, highlighted with the signature ochre-coloured stitching that blends style with absolute comfort. The extra-wide Economy seats are supported with easy recline, USB ports, portable electronic device holders as well as coat hooks emphasising the sense of empowerment and convenience.

Jet Airways' 737 MAX will take its first flight from Mumbai to Hyderabad* (9W 457) on 01st July, 2018.

*subject to regulatory approval

This press release was sourced from Jet Airways on 28-Jun-2018.