Gold Coast Airport: GCA appoints former aircraft noise ombudsman to Chair of Community Aviation Cons

14-Jul-2017 GCA appoints former aircraft noise ombudsman to Chair of Community Aviation Consultation Group

Gold Coast Airport (GCA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Ron Brent as the new Chairman of the Community Aviation Consultation Group (CACG).

Mr Brent joins the CACG with an extensive background in aviation and more specifically aircraft noise, having previously been Australia’s first federal government appointed independent Aircraft Noise Ombudsman.

The CACG helps facilitate greater community consultation between the airport and its community stakeholders, and is used to exchange information and provide feedback on aspects relating to airport operations, development activities, and their associated impacts on the community.

Gold Coast Airport Chief Operating Officer Marion Charlton said Mr Brent’s broad experience, spanning a range of industries, would serve him well in the role.

“As the former Aircraft Noise Ombudsman, Mr Brent has worked closely with Gold Coast Airport, and understands the complexities involved in managing airport operations specific to GCA,” said Ms Charlton.

“Aviation is only one part of Mr Brent’s impressive portfolio, he also previously held senior positions in legal and policy areas within the Department of Arts, Sport, the Environment and Territories, and the Department of Primary Industries and Energy.”

Mr Brent was appointed as Aircraft Noise Ombudsman in 2010. Prior to this appointment, he was Deputy Ombudsman (Commonwealth) in June 2003 for a five-year term, and in June 2008, was reappointed for a second five-year term. He also spent a period of 5 months as Australian Health Complaints Commissioner.

“As Aircraft Noise Ombudsman I worked hard to improve the engagement between airports and the communities affected by their operations,” said Mr Brent.

“I believe this resulted in better outcomes for both those affected by aircraft noise and those who rely on the effective functioning of airports.

“I hope that my new role with the Gold Coast Airport consultative forum will allow me to continue this important work, so well lead by Les Fisher until now.”

The role, previously held by local Air Marshal Les Fisher, will facilitate tri-annual committee meetings comprised of a diverse cross-section of community members of the Gold Coast and Tweed regions. These include aviation and government officials, tourism and business leaders, and local community representatives.

“We are deeply grateful for the work of our founding Chair Les Fisher in assisting us to establish the CACG. His insight and leadership has ensured the success of the CACG since its inception in 2012,” Ms Charlton said.