EPIC to Distribute Sustainable Fuels to Boeing as Part of the Aircraft Manufacturer’s New Option to

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EPIC to Distribute Sustainable Fuels to Boeing as Part of the Aircraft Manufacturer's New Option to Deliver Commercial Aircraft Powered by Biofuels

EPIC Fuels has been selected by Boeing to provide technical and logistical support in transporting sustainable aviation fuel for a new aircraft delivery program. As part of Boeing's ongoing commitment to protect the environment, it has begun offering customers the option of powering their commercial airplane delivery flights with sustainable aviation fuel for aircraft delivered from Boeing facilities in Washington state's Puget Sound region, with work underway to provide sustainable aviation fuel for Boeing's South Carolina customers.

Alaska Airlines, an early pioneer in embracing sustainable fuels, is the first participant in the Boeing initiative. Later this year Alaska will take possession of three 737 MAX airplanes and for the delivery flights, they will be powered by a blend of biofuel and traditional jet fuel transported by EPIC Fuels.

"As a world-class fuel provider, EPIC Fuels recognizes the need to find viable, sustainable and safe alternatives to petroleum-only based aviation fuel," said Kai Sorenson, Director of Commercial Sales for EPIC Fuels. "We've gained tremendous working knowledge on the transport, safe handling and blending of biofuel."

"Programs such as Boeing's option to provide biofuel are made possible not only by their tireless commitment to protect the environment, but also because of the many demonstration flights in previous years that have helped to identify and fast track technologies that can improve the environmental performance of alternative aviation fuels", Sorenson added.

EPIC has provided both technical and logistic expertise in a multitude of sustainable/alternative fuel programs over the past decade. Recent examples include flights flown by Alaska Airlines in 2016 using a blend of biofuel produced from non-edible, sustainable corn and renewable biofuel made from residual wood; Singapore Airlines' first-ever flight powered by a blend of sustainable biofuel made from used cooking oil and conventional jet fuel. In addition, EPIC has provided support for multiple flights on Boeing's ecoDemonstrator program, which accelerates the development of promising technologies. This includes a flight with U.S.-made "green diesel" biofuel in June 2015 and Boeing's first-ever flights using a green diesel blend during the ecoDemonstrator 787 flight test program in December 2014.

This press release was sourced from EPIC Fuels on 08-Mar-2019.