EASN 2021: Universities are home to the next generation of young innovators

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At the 11th EASN Virtual International Conference on Innovation in Aviation and Space to the Satisfaction of the European Citizens, Axel Krein, Executive Director of the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking, underlined how important universities are in fostering a future populated with sustainable aircraft.

"Today's young students are tomorrow's aviation engineers, and we want to ensure that we can work together to solve the most pressing environmental challenges for aviation," he said. "Universities are the birthplace of ideas."

Axel then went on to speak about Clean Sky 2's technological success stories to date, including the Tech TP demonstrator and the MultiFunctional Fuselage Demonstrator.

He also outlined the new European Partnership for Clean Aviation, due to launch later this year.

The new programme will be based on three thrusts: hybrid electric and full electric concepts, ultra-efficient aircraft architectures, and disruptive technologies to enable hydrogen-powered aircraft.

"The three thrusts will culminate in a new breed of regional, short haul and short/medium haul airliners which we anticipate will be ready for a commercial launch by 2030 for an entry into service by 2035," said Axel.

"These new aircraft are likely to constitute 75% of the world's commercial airline fleet by 2050 and thus will have a major impact on aviation emissions and climate impact."

Axel stressed that fast, fearless investment is needed to make climate-neutral aviation a reality.

"The time for a slow, gradual move towards carbon-neutral aviation is past. The time for action is NOW!" he said.

"We need to propel climate-neutral aircraft into the airline fleet by 2035, which means that we have time between now and the end of this decade to develop, mature and demonstrate the most essential technologies. We urge you to support us in exploring the most promising research avenues, and quickly. Work with us on this challenge which I believe is also a huge opportunity!"

This press release was sourced from Clean Sky on 01-Sep-2021.