Chicagoland Chamber Supports American Airlines Restructure

01-Feb-2012 Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce member, American Airlines announced today a restructuring plan to grow the airline for the future. The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce stands in support and expresses its confidence in the restructuring plan announced this morning.

"With today's announcement, we firmly believe that American Airlines is on the right path to become a more flexible and responsive airline to serve the needs of its customers in the Chicagoland market," said Jerry Roper, President and CEO. "American Airlines is a major reason why Chicago is an international city."

O'Hare airport is the only two airport hub in the world because the hub operations of both American Airlines and United Airlines. "Chicago stands to gain from a stronger American Airlines both as a large local employer but also through their continued support of Chicago's civic endeavors," Roper said.