CASA: Proposed rules - Frequency use at low level in Class G airspace

31-Oct-2017 Overview

A notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) for frequency use at low level in Class G airspace will be available here for public consultation by the end of the year. The policy being developed for endorsement by the Aviation Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) takes into account the preferences received from consultation on the Frequency use at low level in Class G airspace discussion paper along with future airspace considerations.  

CASA intends to propose a change to the current advice in the AIP that will require pilots to monitor MULTICOM 126.7 below 5,000 ft wherever there is no discrete frequency or broadcast area.

The proposed solution will also reflect the strong preference received during consultation for keeping air traffic control transmissions separate from general transmissions whilst retaining the safety and situational awareness benefits of alerted see-and-avoid.

The NPRM will provide the full detail of the proposed policy and all legislative impacts.