Carry-on Baggage Refocus

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Carry-on Baggage Refocus

With the busy Christmas period upon us, it’s a good time to remind our passengers that we have baggage limits to ensure the safety of our crew and guests – especially for carry-on.

Effective immediately, Virgin Australia will be aligning with the rest of the industry in refocussing on our cabin baggage limits.

Passengers travelling with us can now expect to have their cabin baggage weighed at various points in their journey, including at check-in and at the boarding gate. If baggage is heavier than the 7kg limit, their bag will need to be checked in and carried in the cargo hold.

Why is there a refocus on weighing cabin baggage?

As an industry, overweight and oversize cabin baggage is impacting our operations. It can cause injuries to our staff and can also result in flight delays. Therefore, we’re refocusing on our cabin baggage limits to ensure we reduce the likelihood of this happening. We also have a lot of feedback from passengers who want us to focus more on cabin baggage allowances.

What is the process for guests who have already checked in baggage?

If a guest has already checked in a bag* and their cabin baggage is over the 7kg limit, they will need to pay an excess baggage fee for the additional bag to be checked in as it's overweight.

Thank you for your support in communicating and reiterating this information to our guests.

This press release was sourced from Virgin Australia on 11-Dec-2018.