Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment: Australia welcomes more than nine million tou

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Australia welcomes more than nine million tourists

Australia welcomed a record 9.02 million international visitors in the year ending March 2018, an increase of 7.7 per cent on the last 12 months, according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today.

This new record comes as international visitors spent a record $41 billion in Australia last year.

The world is in love with our beautiful country and all it has to offer. The spectacular scenery, unique wildlife, and world-leading food and wine are attracting people to our shores like never before. Australia is welcoming record numbers of international tourists who are staying longer and spending more.

China is leading the record breaking surge, recently overtaking New Zealand to become our largest source of international tourists. China now accounts for one-in-six international visitors to Australia, and more than a quarter of total international visitor spend.

Australia’s landmark ‘open capacity’ aviation arrangement with China, secured by the Turnbull Coalition Government, and the recent China-Australia Year of Tourism is driving growth from this key market.

Australia is also enjoying strong growth from the United States. A record 9.2 per cent increase in US visitors during the past 12 months comes on the heels of Tourism Australia’s recent Dundee campaign, aimed at further growing the lucrative North American market.

Through record funding to Tourism Australia and a whole-of-government approach to tourism, the Australian tourism industry is growing three times faster under the Coalition than it did under Labor.

This is creating new jobs and driving economic growth. In fact, five times as many tourism jobs have been created by the Coalition Government than under the previous Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Labor Government.

Growing tourism is part of the Turnbull Coalition Government’s plan for a stronger economy. We are working to attract investment in tourism infrastructure, streamline visitor processing and improve aviation access, with a focus on getting tourists out into regional Australia.

Last week’s Budget reaffirms our support to boosting this super-growth sector with continued record funding for Tourism Australia.

This press release was sourced from Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment on 15-May-2018.