Australian Airports Association: Funding for Western Sydney Airport

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09-May-2017 The Australian Airports Association has welcomed $5.3 billion funding for the construction of the new Western Sydney Airport (WSA) at Badgerys Creek.

‘WSA will make a significant contribution to the economic prosperity of western Sydney and provide this rapidly growing metropolitan area with more access to aviation services,’ said AAA CEO Caroline Wilkie.

‘We welcome the Federal Government’s commitment to the development of the new airport through the funding announced tonight in the Federal Budget.

‘The new airport will be an important part of our national aviation infrastructure, and contribute to the growth and efficiency of Australia’s aviation network,’ Ms Wilkie said.

Ms Wilkie said the WSA airport would provide new employment and business opportunities, including in specialist roles and capabilities related to airport construction and operations.

Australia’s airport operators are making significant investments in better airport infrastructure with major development projects recently completed or underway at airports around the country,’ Ms Wilkie said.

‘Billions of dollars of private sector investment has facilitated the strong growth in domestic and international passenger movements and air freight movements.

‘The Commonwealth Government’s funding commitment for WSA will further strengthen the vital contribution of Australia’s airports to our national prosperity,’ Ms Wilkie said.