Australia Minister for Infrastructure and Transport: Aviation Security Measures Update

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03-Aug-2017 The threat posed by the recent plot to bring down an aeroplane has been disrupted and contained.

As a result, the Director-General of Security has lowered the terror threat level posed to Australia's aviation industry.

Travellers will see progressive adjustments to airport security over the next 24 hours.

This includes a return to normal arrival times at airports for check-in, as advised by your airline.

The recent heightened security measures have obviously inconvenienced many members of the travelling public and we thank those impacted for their understanding. We are advised that the delays should now be reduced.

Nevertheless, as a precaution, some of the additional security measures will stay in place. Some of these measures will be obvious, some will not, but Australians should remain reassured that public safety is the absolute priority.  

The Government already requires a range of security measures to keep Australians safe while travelling, including:

  • Screening of passengers and luggage.
  • Hardened cockpit doors to prevent unauthorised access to the cockpit.
  • Ensuring cabin crew are trained for handling suspect passenger behaviour and responding to security threats, incidents and breaches.
  • Plainclothes in-flight security officers, and
  • Passenger and baggage screening and reconciliation, to ensure unauthorised items are not placed on an aircraft.

It is important to note Australia's aviation security was not compromised at any time during the terrorist plot.

The Government and its agencies will continue to work closely with industry partners to ensure transport security arrangements reflect the current national security environment.

The public should have confidence in our security and law enforcement agencies and in Australia's comprehensive and strong aviation security.

Keeping Australians safe remains the number one priority of the Turnbull Government.