ARC Enhances Payment Processing for Business Travel Group

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Business Travel Group is the First Customer to Transact Through the ARC Pay API

ARC Enhances Payment Processing for Business Travel Group

Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) has begun processing payments for Business Travel Group’s Business Class brand through the ARC Pay API. The solution is embedded directly into Business Class’s online booking experience and gives their customers a simplified, one-click payment option when booking air travel.

“The ARC Pay API is built to give travel sellers more flexibility and security when processing travel-related expenses while streamlining how their customers book travel,” said Joseph Cavanagh, director of payment products at ARC. “As ARC’s first customer to process transactions with the ARC Pay API, we’re excited for Business Travel Group, its Business Class brand and their customers to realize these benefits.”

The ARC Pay API, unveiled earlier this year, can be integrated into mobile, web-based and custom software applications. It embeds payment processing directly into the booking workflow, which streamlines ticket reconciliation and reporting for travel agencies within ARC’s core settlement infrastructure.

"We're delighted to expand our relationship with ARC by using the ARC Pay API, marking a pivotal moment in improving the customer experience on our website,” said Brian Crist, founder and CEO of Business Travel Group. “By using the ARC Pay API to enable features like Apple Pay, Google Pay and 3DS, we're simplifying and elevating the travel-buying process for our clients. This collaboration underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in travel solutions.”

Visit the ARC Pay product webpage for more information on the ARC Pay API and other solutions within the ARC Pay ecosystem.

This press release was sourced from ARC on 14-Sep-2023.