American Airlines and the Transport Workers Union reach tentative agreement

05-May-2010 Missy Latham, American Airlines labor spokesperson, issued the following statement:

"American Airlines and the Transport Workers Union have reached a tentative agreement in principle for the Mechanic and Related workgroup.

"This tentative agreement provides our mechanics with market-based compensation, including structural increases, and enhancements to other contract items such as vacation, holidays and sick leave. It also provides American additional flexibility in its maintenance operation.

"Both parties worked hard and put a significant amount of time and effort into this negotiating process to reach a tentative agreement that recognizes the interests of our TWU-represented employees and the company.

"It is our understanding the TWU is recommending the ratification of the tentative agreement and will provide details regarding its terms and the ratification process to its members in the coming days.

"American Airlines has more than 50,000 employees represented by unions, including approximately 11,500 under this tentative agreement."