Amadeus: Bye-bye, bad PNRs

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Nothing can upset a travel professional’s day faster than a bad PNR. Faulty Passenger Name Records lead to wasted time and money when incomplete PNRs get volleyed back and forth. Incorrect information impedes policy compliance, additional costs are incurred, and the list goes on.

To help travel agencies push through the problem of painful PNRs, Amadeus recently launched a new Productivity Suite tool: Quality Monitor within Amadeus Selling Platform Connect. Productivity Suite boasts revolutionary, time-saving tools that offer everything you need to work better, faster and save money.

Quality Monitor is our one-stop solution to safeguard against unnecessary data entries and errors, with controls that ensure rules adherence by checking the Booking File elements.

Additional tools include:

  • Smart flows – Increase efficiency with pre-defined workflows for completing tasks.
  • File finishing – Automatically adds missing elements with touchless processing.
  • Smart triggers – Activate additional customized actions throughout the booking flow.

Empower your PNRs

For a limited time, Amadeus is offering Quality Monitor FREE, because we want to help travel agencies work smarter, not harder. Why wait to improve your office workflow when you can start taking control of your PNRs today? Take advantage of our limited-time free offer right away!

Source: Amadeus Blog

Author: Jose Luis Arteta: Product Manager, Selling Interfaces, Amadeus

This press release was sourced from Amadeus on 01-May-2018.