Air New Zealand suspends Kapiti Coast service

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Customer demand for domestic travel continues to experience steady growth with the airline adding 630,000 more seats nationwide this financial year alone and an expectation that it will further grow the regional turboprop network alone by 4.5 percent or 265,000 seats in the coming financial year.

Air New Zealand is suspending its service between Kapiti Coast and Auckland from April this year.

Against this backdrop, the airline is currently making domestic schedule adjustments to better match its aircraft seat capacity to areas of growing customer demand and is committed to continuing to grow the wider regional network.

Air New Zealand has operated the Kapiti - Auckland service since 2011 and recognises the support the community has given to it. On withdrawal, Air New Zealand will extend support to any other airline that operates the route as it has in other ports.

The last service between Kapiti Coast and Auckland will operate on 3 April 2018. Passengers booked to travel on this service past this date will be re-accommodated on alternative services. Further information for passengers is available here.

This press release was sourced from Air New Zealand on 09-Mar-2018.