Aeromexico temporarily cancels penalties on flight changes to Mexico

Aeromexico announced (27-Apr-09) that passengers that were due to travel to and from Mexico with the carrier will be able to change the date of their flights with no penalty until 15-May-09.

AeroMexico has announced (27-Apr-09) preventive measures the airline has put in place, as well as instructions it is following from the Ministry of Health in Mexico, in connection with the recent swine flu influenza outbreak to help protect the health of the general public, its passengers and employees. Airline procedures include the following:

    1. AeroMexico flight and ground crews must follow airline regulations and be in good health to be on duty.
    2. The processing of food served on board is being done under strict sanitary controls by the food production staff.
    3. The air conditioning systems continually change the interior air on its planes by drawing in clean air, which enters the cabin and exits under the fuselage, using a compression motor with a control valve.

Additionally, any passengers who show influenza-like symptoms will not be allowed to board the plane. These passengers will be allowed to change the date of their ticket at no additional cost (in the same class of service).

AeroMexico said that other passengers traveling to, from or through Mexico with concerns due to the swine flu outbreak may also rebook their flight without being charged a penalty fee (in the same class of service).

Changes to flight reservations for these passengers must be made by 15-May-09.

Currently, AeroMexico operations are completely normal and there has been no detection of cases that have required intervention by the authorities.

To support these measures, AeroMexico is working with Mexico City International Airport officials and officials at other airports in areas of Mexico that have been affected by the influenza outbreak to get passengers to fill out forms at the ticket counters to help determine that they do not have influenza symptoms before they are allowed through security to board aircraft. The airline is working with medical specialists in the airports who are providing authorizations for boarding as needed.

AeroMexico is committed to providing responsible service to the general public, passengers and airline and airport personnel, and the airline is initiating these preventive measures to help ensure their well being.