AeroMexico Emergency Procedures, Response of Crew & Authorities Ensure Safety of Passengers and Crew

Direct News Source

AeroMexico reported (09-Sep-2009)  that AM flight #576 that originated in Cancun and was bound for Mexico City received a bomb threat while in flight, and the crew followed airline procedures and activated an emergency plan that was coordinated with federal authorities.

The plane landed safely at 1:39 p.m. CST at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) and without incident for the passengers, crew and aircraft. The plane, a Boeing 737-800 with 104 passengers and seven crew members on board, landed and taxied to a remote location at the airport that is designated by authorities for emergency situations.

Thanks to the expertise of the crew who acted with sensitivity, responsibility and strict adherence to the airline`s procedures manual that is in place for these types of potential situations, passengers were unaware of the incident until after landing at Mexico City International Airport. This helped avoid shocking or causing any alarm or nervousness by passengers during the flight.

The authorities acted with great swiftness and efficacy in coordinating response efforts with the AeroMexico staff, which ensured the safe evacuation of crew and passengers without any further incident. The security protocols foreseen in the airline`s procedures manual were activated from the moment that the pilots reported the incident through the aircraft`s communication systems, ensuring appropriate and effective coordination of efforts between the personnel on the ground and the crew on board.

This event reconfirms that AeroMexico is an airline at the forefront worldwide in the field of security protocols and that its staff is highly qualified to respond with the attitude and knowledge necessary to deal effectively with any extraordinary situation that may occur.

AeroMexico wants to recognize the outstanding efforts of the crew on board this flight and also thank the authorities who provided all the support that was required by the airline, its personnel and, most importantly, its passengers