Adelaide Airport to allow ride-sharing pick-ups from today

10-Aug-2017 Adelaide Airport will allow ride-sharing services such as Uber to pick up customers at Adelaide Airport from today, as part of a range of ground transport improvements.

The move to ride-sharing follows the State Government and Uber reaching agreement on accreditation, giving South Australians regulated access to ride-sharing services.

To cater for the change, Adelaide Airport has constructed a new ride-sharing pick-up facility close to the terminal.

Adelaide Airport today has also announced it will construct a new dedicated taxi drop-off facility adjacent the terminal, which will provide an alternative to the existing drop-off zone under the car park – significantly freeing up space for other drivers.

Additional improvements will be made to the existing taxi pick-up rank to provide better weather protection for customers.

A $2 service fee will apply for all ride sharing services picking up passengers in the terminals precinct – the same as for taxi pick-ups at the airport. All service fee revenue goes directly toward investment in ground transport facilities and initiatives.

The service fee for both taxi and ride-sharing pick-ups will change from $2 to $3 from October 1. This is the first increase since the current terminal opened 11 years ago in 2006, and is still the equal cheapest of Australia’s mainland capital city airports.

Adelaide Airport Managing Director, Mark Young, said the introduction of ride-sharing would provide customers with more choice for getting from the airport to home or their accommodation.

“The State Government’s decision to allow access to ride-sharing services has allowed us to invest in facilities to provide a better experience for our customers,” Mr Young said.

“Creating a new dedicated taxi drop facility adjacent the terminal will also free up space in our existing drop-off zone for other users. We’ve spent more than $8 million on taxi facilities over the past decade and we’re now investing a further $4 million in new facilities.”

Airport taxi service fees in other mainland capital cities range from $3 in Perth and Darwin up to $4.25 in Sydney.

Ride sharing is currently permitted at most Australian airports including Sydney, Canberra, Perth and Brisbane, and similar service fees are charged at these airports.