At a time when the aviation industry is searching for up-to-the-minute market intelligence, news, trend analysis and thought leadership, CAPA - Centre for Aviation delivers a monthly virtual “Summit”, jam-packed with information, data and live interviews. CAPA experts, global airline CEOs and other cutting-edge industry leaders present live from a next-gen virtual event platform.

The next CAPA Live event is in 13 days on 09-Dec-2020, and features the below speakers and sessions. Find out more!

  • 09-Dec-2020
    • Interactive catch-up with CAPA Managing Director Derek Sadubin

        13:40 - 14:00

        Connecting the global aviation industry is at the heart of what CAPA does and like you we are missing seeing you all in person. Join us for an interactive session with key members of the CAPA team. Do you have a question for us? Some feedback? We want to hear from you. Switch on your camera, grab a drink and say hello 


          14:05 - 14:10
        • Outlook 2021 - CAPA Australia Pacific Regional Aviation

            14:10 - 14:15
          • Airline CEO Interview - Virgin Australia

            • Jayne Hrdlicka
              CEO, Virgin Australia
            14:20 - 14:50

            Virgin Australia is continuing to work through its restructuring following its acquisition by Bain Capital. Effective 18-Nov-2020 Virgin Australia has welcomed industry veteran, and former Jetstar CEO Jayne Hrdlicka as its new CEO.

            More details have been revealed about what Virgin’s network and fleet will look like after the restructuring. The airline intends to reduce its Boeing 737 fleet to 56 – about 30 less than before the pandemic. Virgin has previously said it will cut its widebody fleet, leaving its domestic and international short haul flights to be operated by its narrowbodies.

            According to Ms Hrdlicka on 18-Nov-2020, the re-emerged Virgin Australia will "compete in its mid-market heartland for guests who want a more premium experience at an affordable and competitive price. While Virgin Australia will serve all segments of the market, it will build its proposition around its long-standing and most loyal guests, which include price conscious corporate travellers, small to medium businesses, premium leisure travellers and holidaymakers", and will seek "to retain a domestic market share of roughly one third."

            We look forward to welcoming Ms Hrdlicka to CAPA Live and explore what the future holds for the airline.

          • Travel Tech Corner - Your Next Destination

            • Darrin Grafton
              CEO, Serko
            • Johnny Thorsen
              Futurist, Traveltopia
            14:55 - 15:20
          • Qantas Frequent Flyer - The Gold Standard in loyalty

            • Olivia Wirth
              CEO, Qantas Loyalty
            • Evert de Boer
              Managing Partner, On Point Loyalty
            • Peter Harbison
              Chairman Emeritus, CAPA - Centre for Aviation
            15:25 - 15:55

            Qantas Frequent Flyer is considered by many as the gold standard in airline loyalty programs. Qantas separated its FFP into an autonomous business in 2007 allowing it to develop independently, but still owns the unit. Since the separation, it has successfully expanded its footprint, continuously launching new products and services, and delivering consistent and growing contributions to the Group. Qantas has publicly stated that QFF is on a path to deliver AUD 500-600 million in EBIT in the medium-term future.

          • CTC Masterclass - Looking towards 2021

            • Dr Doug Quarry
              Medical Director, Innovation, International SOS
            16:00 - 16:30

            The next twelve months will be vital in the rebuilding of the corporate travel industry but as new lockdowns are underway, renewed border controls in place and a greater sense of fear grips the world how will the industry manage.

            In this important discussion, we focus heavily on the corporate travel industry and delve deeper into the following topics:

            • The impact of potential vaccines on corporate travel;
            • Growth opportunities around the world which could help sustain the industry;
            • Utilising technology to adhere to new safety and security guidelines;
            • Can innovation keep up with the increased reliance on technology?
            • What impact will another year in the middle of pandemic have on the wellbeing of travellers and employees?
            • How will the COVID-19 pandemic end?  

              17:15 - 17:20
            • Outlook 2021 - CAPA Southeast Asia Regional Aviation

              • Adrian Schofield
                Air Transport Editor - Asia-Pacific, Aviation Week Network
              17:20 - 17:25
            • Airline CEO Interview - AirAsia

              • Tony Fernandes
                Group CEO, AirAsia
              17:25 - 17:55
            • Asia Aviation: Inspiring clear action for aviation growth

              • Todd Handcock
                President, Asia Pacific, Collinson Group
              • Campbell Wilson
                CEO, Scoot
              • William Boulter
                CCO, IndiGo
              • Peter Harbison
                Chairman Emeritus, CAPA - Centre for Aviation
              18:00 - 18:30

              The Asia-Pacific region was initially hit hard by the pandemic, probably more so than the other regions. But some of the key Asia-Pacific markets have also recovered more quickly than those in other parts of the world. While borders generally remain closed, or are subject to quarantine restrictions that have a similar effect on travel, there have been some so-called green lanes established for essential travel, but in general the hoped-for travel bubbles have been slow to develop.

              Recent weeks have seen increased waves of the virus resurfacing in countries who had believed to have COVID-19 under control. This return however is not unexpected and has emphasised the need for practical, data-driven steps to opening up in a safe means. In this session we explore these methods and provide clear examples of required action.

              • How are markets performing in Asia-Pacific?
              • What practical, data-driven steps should each country take to opening up?
              • Are governments investmenting enough in technology, processes, infrastructure? 
              • What impact are continued waves in countries such as Japan and South Korea have on the region?
              • What impact is this having on hubs like Singapore?
              • Are bilateral corridors effective in opening up markets? 
            • Corporate Travel Critical Thinkers Panel – Are corporate travel buyers ready for new TMC pricing models?

              • John Harvey
                Managing Partner, Harvey & Heywood
              • Martin Warner
                Principal, MW Travel Consultancy
              • Ian Heywood
                Owner, IHConsultancy
              18:15 - 18:45

              Following up on CTC’s initial “Is Corporate Travel suffering it’s KODAK moment?” session, a series of sessions in Nov, Dec & Jan will continue to focus on the corporate travel ecosystem and the mid-long term effect of COVID-19 and the recessionary impact on the economy. Both will continue to reduce demand for business travel, and the actions required for the survival of the players within the ecosystem. We will explore what this means for Customers, TMCs and travel principals such as airlines, hotels etc.

              In this session, we explore in detail from both the TMC and Customer perspectives if indeed corporate clients ready for a new TMC value proposition and pricing / commercial model. Here we identify a number of new models, explore industry thinking and use examples of models used in other industries. We will explore and demonstrate ideas and strawman examples and debate how they could be constructed, packaged and marketed.

            • Airline CEO Interview - IndiGo

              • Ronojoy Dutta
                CEO & Whole-time Director, IndiGo Airlines
              18:40 - 19:10
            • Listening to corporate travel buyers: Benson’s Bow Tie Briefing

              • Dr. Benson Tang
                Executive Director, CTC - Corporate Travel Community
              • Mritunjaya Mohan
                Global Travel Manager, Adobe
              18:50 - 19:05
            • Outlook 2021 - CAPA North Asia Regional Aviation

              • Sharon Dai
                Data & Product Director, CAPA - Centre for Aviation
              19:15 - 19:20
            • Asia Air Finance Outlook 2021

                19:20 - 19:50
              • Advanced Air Mobility - What are the current prospects for AAM technologies?

                • Paul Burton
                  Managing Director Asia Pacific, Aviation Week Network
                19:25 - 19:35
              • CTC Interactive Roundtable – Exploring the future of travel bubbles with Dr Benson Tang

                • Dr. Benson Tang
                  Executive Director, CTC - Corporate Travel Community
                19:30 - 20:30

                Despite recent hiccups the introduction of travel bubbles linking key international countries is likely over the next few months and into 2021. These will be a welcome addition for the corporate travel industry however some uncertainty still remains. In this Corporate Travel Community led roundtable discussion, we bring together key experts in the industry to predict the opening of markets, explore the value for the corporate traveller and understand the innovations designed to support travel managers.  

              • Interactive catch-up with CAPA Managing Director Derek Sadubin

                  19:35 - 19:55

                  Connecting the global aviation industry is at the heart of what CAPA does and like you we are missing seeing you all in person. Join us for an interactive session with key members of the CAPA team. Do you have a question for us? Some feedback? We want to hear from you. Switch on your camera, grab a drink and say hello 


                    19:55 - 20:00
                  • Outlook 2021 - CAPA Middle East & Africa Regional Aviation

                    • Richard Maslen
                      EMEA Analyst, CAPA - Centre for Aviation
                    20:00 - 20:10
                  • ForwardKeys – Insights & Global Outlook

                    • Olivier Ponti
                      VP Insights, ForwardKeys
                    20:30 - 20:40
                  • Outlook 2021 - CAPA Europe Regional Aviation

                    • Jonathan Wober
                      Chief Financial Analyst, CAPA - Centre for Aviation
                    21:10 - 21:15
                  • Airline CEO Interview - airBaltic

                    • Martin Gauss
                      Chairman of Executive Board & CEO, airBaltic
                    21:20 - 21:50
                  • Critical Thinkers - Leading an airline in 2021

                    • Robert Carey
                      Chief Commercial and Customer Officer, easyJet
                    • Angus Clarke
                      EVP Commercial AF, EVP Strategy AF-KLM, Air France-KLM
                    • Jens Flottau
                      Executive Editor, Commercial Aviation, Aviation Week Network
                    21:55 - 22:25

                    It cannot be denied that leading any part of an airline in 2021 is going to look very different than ever before. The impact of COVID-19 has required all airlines to reassess their processes, innovate and adapt to a new world order.

                    In November, CAPA’s Chairman Emeritus stated: “It is important to have some sort of reality check now that we’re nine months on from the onset of this COVID-19 disaster. Fundamentally, we’re looking at a new platform from which the industry will build over the next decade.

                    What will the new situation be like? Most people realise now, unless they're really deluding themselves, that it is going to be a structurally very different industry”.

                    As we look to 2021, we ask key airline executives to explore how they will run their business differently and what they expect from the year ahead.

                    • How has COVID-19 impacted processes within airline management?
                    • How has the additional focus of staff and passenger safety changed the way airlines are run?
                    • What will recovery look like?

                      22:30 - 22:35
                    • Cargo aircraft market: Do cargo aircraft present a better investment opportunity than passenger aircraft

                      • Lloyd Dunning-Mitchell
                        Head of Fleet Research, CAPA - Centre for Aviation
                      22:35 - 22:45
                    • Airline Risk Dashboard: Focus on Europe

                      • Neil Glynn
                        Managing Director, Credit Suisse
                      • Michael Duff
                        Managing Director, The Airline Analyst
                      • Michael Duff
                      22:45 - 23:15
                    • Cargo and e-commerce proves more important than ever before

                      • Konstantin Vekshin
                        CCO, Volga-Dnepr Group
                      • Guillaume Halleux
                        Chief Officer Cargo, Qatar Airways
                      • Vladimir Zubkov
                        former Secretary General TIACA, VZ International Aviation Consulting
                      22:55 - 23:25

                      Airports and airlines with a cargo contribution have seen volumes and revenues increasing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with some having as much as 50% of revenues coming from cargo. This vital sector has been put at the forefront of thinking for the entire aviation industry which has resulted in new investment and management.  

                      • Will we see further airport development in favour of freight on the long-term or will this be considered a short-term phenomenon?
                      • Could passenger infrastructure spend be substituted by cargo infrastructure?
                      • What methods of automation and digitalisation can be introduced to alleviate the dependency on people by carriers and airports in the freight segment?
                      • What can airports do to assist cargo operators in the way they organise the use of space?
                      • Does air cargo now have a legitimate place in the design of ‘airport cities’?
                      • In North America in particular it has been alleged that bigger freight aircraft have not always been catered to as well as they might be. What size of aircraft is going to be needed, going forward? 
                    • Airline CEO Interview - Icelandair

                      • Bogi Nils Bogason
                        President & CEO, Icelandair
                      23:20 - 23:50
                    • Update from IATA DG Alexandre De Juniac

                      • Alexandre de Juniac
                        Director General & CEO, IATA
                      23:30 - 23:50
                  • 10-Dec-2020
                    • Aviation Insiders: Air cargo prepares for vaccine roll-out

                      • Marcel Kuijn
                        Global Head Pharmaceutical Logistics, Air France-KLM Martinair Cargo
                      • Peter Harbison
                        Chairman Emeritus, CAPA - Centre for Aviation
                      00:20 - 01:00
                    • Travel & Innovation Update with Travelport CEO Greg Webb

                      • Greg Webb
                        CEO, Travelport
                      01:05 - 01:30
                    • Mega-trends, digitisation, information and events

                      • Stephen Carter
                        Group CEO, Informa
                      01:40 - 02:00
                    • Interactive catch-up with CAPA’s Global Events Director, Claudia Kunz

                        02:00 - 02:15

                        Connecting the global aviation industry is at the heart of what CAPA does and like you we are missing seeing you all in person. Join Claudia for an interactive catch-up. Do you have a question for us or need some tips on using the platform? Some feedback? Claudia would love to hear from you. Switch on your camera, grab a drink and say hello. 

                      • FOCUS ON AMERICAS - HOST WELCOME

                          02:15 - 02:20
                        • Outlook 2021 - CAPA North & Latin America Regional Aviation

                          • Lori Ranson
                            Senior Analyst, Americas, CAPA - Centre for Aviation
                          02:20 - 02:30
                        • Aviation in a COVID world with industry great Bob Crandall

                          • Robert Crandall
                            Retired Chairman and CEO , American Airlines
                          02:30 - 03:00
                        • Strategy & Competition with Helane Becker

                          • Helane Becker
                            Managing Director, Industrials; Consumer - Airlines, Airfreight & Aircraft Leasing, Cowen & Co
                          • Jude Bricker
                            CEO, Sun Country Airlines
                          03:05 - 03:30
                        • Americas Airport CEO Panel

                          • Sabine Trenk
                            CCO, Fraport Brasil
                          03:15 - 03:45

                          The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt across the entire aviation ecosystem and while the airlines are receiving the most attention in the media, one cannot forget the impact on the airports and their supporting businesses.

                          Each month, CAPA Live’s airport discussion will move between regions as we delve into the issues facing airports around the world. 

                          • What impact has the COVID-19 pandemic had on airports?
                          • What have airports learned so far that would better prepare them for another pandemic?
                          • Much is spoken and written about ‘the new normal’ for airports. What is it?
                          • Pre-departure and arrival health screening may become a ‘permanent’ feature according to some industry observers. How can airports best make arrangements to handle that requirement in the long run? Can airports reasonably be expected to become vaccination centres as well?
                          • It is said that there will be more competition between airports now. That the most ‘efficient’ will win. Does that mean ‘the cheapest’?
                          • Which type of airport has the better prospects now? The one geared up to hub operations, or to point-to-point ones?
                          • What is the future for airport lounges?
                          • How can airports creatively fill space left vacant by retired retail and F&B concessions? 
                        • Airline CEO Interview - Viva Air

                          • John Thomas
                            Senior Advisor, CAPA - Centre for Aviation
                          • Felix Antelo
                            CEO, Viva Air
                          03:35 - 04:05