CAPA Data Centre

The CAPA Data Centre is the hub for all CAPA data, including traffic, financials and other performance data for companies within the aviation and travel industry. It’s also home to our premium add-ons, including Fleet Database, Route Maps and more. CAPA Data Centre is updated in near-real time, with tools to help you refine and analyse the information, so you can improve strategic planning and decision making. It’s unrivalled in its scale and accuracy, integrating seamlessly with CAPA News Briefs, Analysis Reports and Research Publications, to provide a single source of market intelligence.

Become a CAPA Member

The CAPA Data Centre is only available to CAPA Members. CAPA Membership provides access to comprehensive data on all sectors of the aviation and travel industry, curated by our team of expert analysts around the world.

It’s fully accessible via API integration, so you can explore the entire CAPA ecosystem from within your intranet, CRM and other applications. You can also easily export data from our tools to images or spreadsheets.

  • Receive a customised selection of more than 1,000 News Briefs each week
  • Discover a fresh perspective with our in-depth analysis of the industry
  • View traffic, financial and other performance data for companies
  • Visualise airline route networks with our interactive mapping tool
  • Access our global Fleet Database of 420,000+ commercial aircraft records
  • Track airport construction projects, investors and charges globally
  • Compare unit cost data of 100+ airlines and airline groups globally
  • And more

CAPA Membership provides you with access to more than 1,000 global News Briefs every week, covering all aspects of the aviation and travel industry. You’ll also receive our premium Analysis Reports, in-depth Research Publications and access to add-on tools including our Fleet Database and more.