New Saratov Gagarin Airport

New Airport
Completion: in 4 months (30-Sep-2019)
ICAO: n/a
City: Saratov
Country/Territory: Russian Federation


  • Owner/investor:
    • http://www.saratov.aero/
  • Investment (USD):
    • 406,100,000


  • Annual (pax):
    • 1,000,000


  • Terminal:
    • 25,000m²
  • Runways:
    • 3,000m

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New Saratov Gagarin Airport, also known as Saburovka Airport, is an airport development project to be located 30km from Saratov, Russia. A runway of 3000m (was initially to be 2450m) will be constructed. Initial passenger traffic is projected at 300,000 p/a, increasing to 900,000 p/a by 2020. The airport is projected to be operational by Sep-2019.

Apr-2019. New Saratov Gagarin Airport received the IATA code GSV.

Nov-2018. Airports of Regions capital construction director Andrey Zemlyakov said New Saratov Gagarin Airport's construction is scheduled for completion in Mar-2019 while the opening is scheduled for Sep-2019. Mr Zemlyakov said the baggage processing system is currently being installed. The airport will operate a 3000m runway and be able to handle all aircraft types.

Oct-2018. New Saratov Gagarin Airport announced the transition to the final stage of construction work, with operations scheduled to launch on 01-Sep-2019. Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency Head Aleksandr Neradko said all construction and installation work must be completed by 15-Jul-2019. Saratov Oblast Governor Valery Radaev said the airport will operate a 3000m runway and be able to handle all aircraft types. 

Jul-2018. Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency stated the construction of New Saratov Gagarin Airport is under its special control. The airport will be able to handle more than one million passengers p/a.

Feb-2018. Russia's Government approved the investment project for the construction of New Saratov Airport, to be located 20km from Saratov. The project involves the closure of the existing Saratov Tsentralny Airport. Russia's Government will invest RUB7 billion (EUR97.9 million/USD121 million) in the project and private investor SarAero-Invest - RUB7.7 billion (EUR107.7 million/USD133 million). The new terminal will span 23,000sqm and be able to handle 570 passengers/hr. The government order establishes the rates SarAero-Invest is permitted to charge for services at the new airport.

Dec-2017. New Saratov Airport announced it is conducting work on the construction of the third storey of the terminal.


24-Nov-2017. Russia's State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin stated a decision was reached to provide RUB1 billion (EUR14.4 million/USD17.2 million) in additional financing for the construction of New Saratov Airport. Mr Volodin said the decision allows to hope for the opening of the airport in 2019. 

09-Nov-2017. New Saratov Airport commenced the construction of the second floor of the terminal. The second floor of the 23,000sqm terminal will feature domestic and international waiting areas, lounges and passport control booths. 580 workers and 35 units of equipment are employed in the construction of the airport.


31-Oct-2017. Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency Head Aleksandr Neradko announced the name Gagarin, after cosmonaut Yury Gagarin, was selected for New Saratov Airport as a result of an online public survey. Saratov Oblast Government is preparing documents on the official assignment of the name to the airport.

12-Oct-2017. Saratov Oblast Deputy Chairman Vasily Razdelkin confirmed plans to complete the construction of New Saratov Airport in Dec-2018 and launch operations in 2019. Mr Razdelkin added: "The investor intends to invest RUB8 billion (EUR117 million/USD138.6 million) of their own funds into the project".

Sep-2017. New Saratov Airport commenced frame construction work for its terminal building.

Aug-2017. New Saratov Airport announced the commencement of foundation laying work for the construction of the new terminal.

Jun-2017. Airports of Regions announced work commenced on construction the new terminal for New Saratov Airport. The airport will be able to handle all aircraft types. The airport is scheduled to open in spring 2019.


28-Mar-2017. Russia's Airports of Regions selected Spectrum Group as the technical contractor for construction of New Saratov Airport. 

07-Mar-2017. Airports of Regions director general Evgeniy Chudnosky reported the New Saratov Airport construction project budget has been "optimised", reducing state investment from RUB10 billion (EUR162.3 million/USD171.5 million) to RUB7 billion (EUR113.6 million/USD120 million).


28-Feb-2017. Saraero - Invest is expected to receive authorisation to commence New Saratov Airport construction work in Apr-2017. 

28-Feb-2017. Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) signed an agreement with Saratov Oblast Government and Saraero - Invest, on the coordination of work on the construction of New Saratov Airport. The Federal Government is responsible for the airfield and infrastructure, regional government for communication and roads infrastructure and the investor for airport infrastructure including the terminal. The agreement signed on 27-Feb-2017 details the investment responsibility of each party, as well as the sources, volumes and schedules for financing, and construction schedules. The overall financing for project is estimated at RUB20 billion (EUR324.6 million/USD343 million).

06-Feb-2017. Russia's Airports of Regions expects to announce the results for the New Saratov Airport terminal construction tender by spring 2017. 

03-Feb-2017. Russia's Airports of Regions reduced the number of eligible participants for construction of New Saratov Airport from 20 to 14, as the tender enters the main bidding round. 


27-Jan-2017. Russia's Airports of Regions received tender applications from 20 international and domestic construction companies for the New Saratov Airport terminal construction project. Airports of Regions will select candidates for participation in the main tender round by the end of Jan-2017, as confirmed by capital construction director Andrey Zemlyakov. Mr Zemlyakov added: "We plan to complete all tender procedures and sign a construction contract by the end of Apr-2017."

25-Jan-2017. New Saratov Airport construction is expected to commence in Apr-2017, according to Airports of Regions capital construction director Andrey Zemlyakova.

13-Jan-2017. Russia's SarAero Invest received applications from 11 companies for the construction of a 23,000sqm terminal at New Saratov Airport. Airports of Regions director for capital construction Andrey Zemlyakov said the tender will be extended until 25-Jan-2017 to receive additional information from existing applications, as well as new bids. 

12-Jan-2017. Russia's Administration of Civil Airports (Airfields) announced New Saratov Airport received approval to commission phase I construction work, comprising a radar complex, transformer substation, cable lines and communication network. 

Dec-2016. Russia's Saratov Oblast Government confirmed New Saratov Airport construction must be completed by the end of 2018 and opened in the beginning of 2019. 

Oct-2016. Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) announced the completion of construction and installation of a radar system at New Saratov Airport in Saburovka. A preliminary decision on the organisation of electrical supply for the radar system was reached at the meeting of the construction work group. Other completed work includes the lengthening of the runway from 2700m to 3000m, apron construction and installation of lighting. 

Apr-2016. Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) confirmed new Saratov Airport airfield construction work is scheduled for completion in 2017, despite a continuing dispute with previous contractor Volgomost. Russia's Arbitration Court ruled in favour of Volgomost, however Administration for Civil Airports (Airfields) plans to appeal the decision. Administration of Civil Airports(Airfields) suspended its contract with Volgomost in Jul-2015, due to failure to resume airport construction work. 


23-Dec-2015. Russia’s Administration for Civil Airport selected Mostootryad-99 to carry out phase I new Saratov Airport construction work. 

03-Dec-2015. Rosaviatsiya signed an order requesting Administration for Civil Airports (Airfields) acquire 14 land plots for phase I construction of new Saratov Airport.

Oct-2015. Russia's Administration for Civil Airports (airfields) extended the deadline for submissions for first phase construction works at the New Saratov Airport development. The invitation to bid was extended from 19-Oct-2015 to 28 Oct-2015, subsequently delaying the submission review process to 11-Nov-2015.

Aug-2015. Saburovka Airport construction is underway with materials currently being delivered for construction of a gas pipeline to the airport. 

Jul-2015. The Saburovka Airport runway construction is close to completion, according to Russia’s Saratov Governor Valery Radayev. Mr Radayev stated: “There is a joint project – the construction of the airport in the field. We were able to make progress and today there is forward movement, as we have presented at many forums, to convince the national Government in the necessity of the project. We have almost built the runway, in the format that was established in the project plans. Today there are temporary difficulties with the subcontractor. I think if it does not fulfil the established goals, it will be replaced.” Russia commenced construction on the airport in Oct-2012.

Jun-2015. Russia’s Saratov Governor confirmed construction of New Saratov Airport was suspended, with plans to replace the sub-contractor responsible for the work. The Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) will issue a tender for a new sub-contractor in the near future. 


22-Apr-2015. Russia’s Saratov Governor Valeriy Radayev expects the New Saratov Airport project to be completed in 2017. Mr Radayev said: “We are still aiming for 2017. This is a large-scale construction project, valued at RUB20 billion (EUR375.8 million/USD406.1 million). We decided to increase the runway length to 3000m, so as not to repeat mistakes and avoid limitations on types of aircraft able to be handled. The question of providing the airport with express entryways is now being considered. There are companies that are prepared to take part in this. Another two issues that require financing are water supply and road construction. But these are problems that can be resolved.”

07-Apr-2015. Airports of Regions received approval from Glavgoekspertisa for the New Saratov Airport construction project documentation and plan to commence construction of the new terminal at the end of summer 2015. Airports of Regions CEO Evgeniy Chudnovskiy said: “We will not be starting construction in Apr-2015. We did not promise this, but by the end of summer 2015, construction work will commence.” Completion of the construction is scheduled by 2017.

Jan-2015. Airports of Regions stated project documentation for construction of New Saratov Airport was lodged with Russia's Glavgoekspertisa for approval on 13-Jan-2015. Construction is scheduled to commence in 2Q2015.

Apr-2014. Saratov Region deputy chairman Vasily Razdelkin said the construction of New Saratov Airport is on track for a 2017 opening as scheduled.

The new Airport will feature a “very modern and stylish” design with a terminal size of 25,000sqm. Mr Chudnovsky stated it is also “desirable” that the airport's runway extend to 3.0km from the current plan of 2.55km so as to accommodate B777 aircraft.

SarAero Invest will reportedly invest RUB4 billion (EUR82 million/USD113 million) for the construction of the airport. The investment programme will continue through 2017, when the airport is expected to be operational, according to CEO Yuri Moiseev.

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