New Pokhara International Airport

New Airport
Completion: in 10 months (31-Dec-2020)
City: Pokhara
Country/Territory: Nepal


  • Annual (pax):
    • 1,000,000


  • Runways:
    • 2,500m × 45m

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Nepal's Cabinet awarded China CAMC Engineering Co (CMAC) the contract to construct and develop the new international airport at Pokhara, following a recommendation by the Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation. CMAC had the lowest bid for the project, at USD305 million, significantly more than the USD175 million budget originally set for the project. The airport will be partly funded by the export-Import Bank of China under a NPR21.6 billion (USD209 million) soft loan agreement with China's Government. Construction commenced on 13-Apr-2016 and will be completed in five years. The new international airport is being developed in Chinnedanda, 3km east of Pokhara’s existing airport. It is scheduled for completion in late 2020.

Sep-2019. Nepal's Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) Yogesh Bhattarai reported New Pokhara International Airport development works may be completed by Dec-2020, significantly ahead of the project's Jun-2021 deadline.

Jul-2019. Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) representative Pradip Adhikari reported New Pokhara International Airport development project works achieved 43% physical progress and the airport is on track to be completed and commissioned by Jul-2021.

Apr-2019. Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) DG Sanjeev Gautam reported China CAMC Engineering completed works to develop a 2500m x 45m runway at New Pokhara International Airport. 

Mar-2019. New Pokhara International Airport development project works have achieved 30% physical progress. Works to develop a 5519sqm apron at the airport were recently completed and runway development works are on track to be completed within the next two months. New Pokhara will be equipped with a 10,000sqm international terminal and a 4000sqm domestic terminal.

Feb-2019. New Pokhara International Airport development project works have reportedly achieved 27% physical progress. Works for the development of major airfield infrastructure, including runways, taxiways, apron and aircraft parking bays, are on track to be completed by the end of Jun-2019.

Nov-2018. Nepal's Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) Rabindra Adhikari stated the New Pokhara International Airport development project has completed 17% of physical construction work. New Pokhara's 2500m runway is expected to be completed by the end of 2019 while the 14,000sqm passenger terminal is expected to be completed by Jul-2020.

Aug-2018. Nepal's Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) Rabindra Adhikari inaugurated of works for the development of international and domestic passenger terminals at New Pokhara International Airport. The two terminals have a combined surface area of 14,000sqm and are expected to be completed within the next year. Mr Adhikari said works to develop the airport's 2500m runway are expected to commence within the next month.


20-Jul-2018. Nepal's Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Rabindra Adhikari stated Nepal's Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli inspected New Pokhara International Airport and instructed stakeholders to ensure the airport development project is completed by its 10-Jul-2021 deadline. New Pokhara will be equipped with a 2500m x 60m runway.

02-Jul-2018. The New Pokhara International Airport development project achieved 12% physical progress, according to project chief Binesh Munkarmi. Mr Munkarmi reported earthworks for the project are approximately 45% completed.

Mar-2018. New Pokhara International Airport chief Vinesh Munankarmi announced more than 40 units of construction equipment have been procured to accelerate preliminary construction works for the development of Pokhara. Additional construction personnel have reportedly been assigned for the project.

Nov-2017. China CAMC Engineering Corporation commenced preliminary construction works for the New Pokhara International Airport development project.

Aug-2017. New Pokhara International Airport contractor, China CAMC Engineering Co Ltd, assured Nepal's Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Jitendra Narayan Das that it would complete amidst ongoing construction delays. China CAMC Engineering Co Ltd representative Gerry Yang said the project would be completed by 10-Jul-2021.

Jul-2017. New Pokhara International Airport’s construction will begin shortly after a USD216 million loan was finalised by Exim Bank of China on 11-Jul-2017. The airport will feature a 2500m runway and a 14,000sqm terminal. Construction of the New Pokhara International Airport is expected to be complete by 2021.

Jun-2017. New Pokhara Airport’s construction will begin on 29-Jun-2017, starting with land clearing. Development of airport infrastructure will begin at the end of the monsoon season from Sep-2017. China Export Import Bank approved a soft loan agreement of NPR22.2 billion (USD216 million) to cover the projects development in Mar-2016.

May-2017. Nepal’s Government will open tenders for the construction of Nijgadh International Airport and Pokhara International Airport in FY2018.

Jan-2017. Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) acquired 65.5 acres of land required for the Pokhara Airport construction project.

Dec-2016. Nepal's Ministry of Finance confirmed a soft loan agreement with China for the Pokhara Airport's development project on 16-Dec-2016. China CAMC Engineering plans to confirmed the airport design by May-2017 and construction will likely commence from Jul-2017. The airport will have a 2500m runway to handle Boeing 757 and A320 aircraft types, once completed by Jul-2020. 

Aug-2016. China CAMC Engineering Company commenced construction on Pokhara Airport. Pokahara Airport project senior engineer Chandramani Sapkota stated the company will fence off 9 acres of land acquired for the project from 16-Sep-2016. 


08-Jun-2016. Nepal Pokhara Airport construction should be complete in the next four years, according to Ministry of Finance head of the Economic Policy Analysis Division Krishna Prasad Devkota. CAAN plans "to begin initial construction works, such as levelling of the ground where the runway will be built, soon after the monsoon is over." 391 acres of land was acquired by Nepal’s government for the airport project.

06-Jun-2016. Nepal’s Ministry of Finance (MoF) and the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) signed a loan agreement for the construction of Pokhara Airport on 05-Jun-2016. The USD215.96 million loan is from the Export-Import Bank of China. The development is expected to be completed by 2020.

May-2016. Nepal’s Ministry of Finance (MoF) Economic Policy Analysis Division head Krishna Prasad Devkota stated an agreement would be signed with Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) to provide credit to develop Pokhara Airport at an interest rate of 5% p/a. CAAN said “We are planning to begin initial construction works, such as levelling of the ground where the runway will be built.” 

Apr-2016. Pokhara Airport commenced construction after Nepal PM K P Sharma Oli laid the airport’s foundation stone on 13-Apr-2016.


21-Jan-2016. Nepal’s Minister for Culture, Tourism and Aviation Ananda Prasad Pokharel said preparations are underway to lay the foundation stone for the proposed Pokhara Regional International Airport by mid Feb-2016.

06-Jan-2016. Nepal's Government completed negotiations with Export-Import Bank of China for a 20-year USD215.96 million loan to finance the Pokhara Airport project. 25% of the amount will be provided interest-free. An agreement will be signed once the loan is approved by Cabinet.

05-Jan-2016. Nepal's Minister of Finance Bishnu Prasad Paudel announced plans to give greater impetus to national construction projects, including Pokhara Airport. A NPR21.6 billion (USD209 million) soft loan agreement with China's Government to support the project is expected to be signed in early Jan-2016. 25% of the total amount will be provided interest free. The project is expected to commence on 30-Jan-2016 and be complete in five years.

Nov-2015. China's Ministry of Finance is expected to approve a USD215.96 million loan by Export-Import Bank of China to Nepal's Government for the Pokhara Airport project in the near future. One third of the amount will be loaned with zero interest and the interest-free portion of the loan may be converted to a grant in future.

Feb-2015. Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) director general Ratish Chandra Lal Suman said the Export-Import Bank of China approved a USD215.96 million loan application by Nepal’s Government to finance the Pokhara Airport project. An agreement was also reached on compensation for land acquisition related to the project.

Jan-2015. Nepal’s Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation secretary Suresh Man Shrestha said construction of Pokhara Airport is expected to commence in mid Feb-2015. The Government expects to complete an agreement with the Export-Import Bank of China for a USD215.96 million loan to finance the project in the near future.

Dec-2014. The airport is offering local landowners substitute land in order to alleviate the current standoff over compensation and also decided to ask the government to arrange alternative land for them.

Oct-2014. The Ministry of Finance indicated its support for the Pokhara Airport project after receiving an explanation about the project's cost from the country's Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. The Finance Ministry previously expressed concerns over the unrealistic cost of the project.

The Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Ministry is reportedly seeking a USD215.96 million loan from the Export-Import Bank of China to finance the project. 

Nepal's Minister of Finance Dr Ram Sharan Mahat said construction of Pokhara Airport would commence in 2014. Dr Mahat said issues with the project were resolved and the ministry is seeking to make the project "transparent."

The Pokhara Regional International Airport Construction Concern Committee intends to appeal to the country's government to expedite construction of Pokhara Airport.

Aug-2014. The Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Bhim Prasad Acharya has pledged a new regional airport in Pokhara will be constructed during his tenure. The development project is now expected to cost approximately USD264 million. Mr Acharya stated he is confident the Pokhara construction committee will announce a development schedule by 22-Jan-2015.

Jun-2014. CAAN requested the Ministry of Tourism to negotiate a concessional loan of USD215.96 million for the construction of the airport from China Exim Bank. Mr Aryal added, “We will be sending the feasibility study report of the airport soon, which is in the final stages of completion.” The airport may be constructed at Chinnedanda, three kilometres from the region’s existing domestic airport.

May-2014. Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) signed an agreement with China CAMC Engineering on 22-May-2014 to construct Pokhara Airport for a revised USD215.96 million. Nepal's Government plans to fund the construction through soft loans of USD145 million from EXIM Bank of China, with construction to commence three months after funds are obtained.

CAAN director general Ratish Chandra Lal Suman subsequently stated he will not agree to award Pokhara Airport’s construction contract to China CAMC Engineering. Mr Suman noted the minutes of the board meeting which approved the award has not been signed and the minutes do not hold any legality unless signed by the government representatives. CAAN employees’ unions are also opposing the deal.

Apr-2014. China CAMC Engineering Co was awarded the contract for construction of Pokhara International Airport for USD217 million. China Import and Export Bank will provide loans to support the airport construction project.

Mar-2014. Nepal's Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat said the USD305 million bid from China CAMC Engineering Co for the development of a ‘regional international’ airport in Pokhara was “unrealistic”, and instructed the Civil Aviation Ministry to re-estimate the costs for the airport. The original budget for the airport had been set at USD166 million. Revised estimates have placed the cost of the project between USD220 million and USD300 million.

The airport’s development will continue despite a lack of support from the government, according to China CAMC Engineering country director Gerry Yang. Mr Yang said the project will be completed within the USD305 million cost estimate.

Aug-2013. China Airport Construction Company (CACC) submitted a revised project estimate to CAMC Engineering Co (CAMC) for the development cost for Pokhara International Airport of USD264 million, up 16% over the original cost estimate.

Jun-2013. A revised development proposal has brought down the cost of the airport development to USD167 million, following deletion of some aspects, such as aerobridges and optional equipment, according to Suman Kumar Shrestha, deputy director general of CAAN. When completed the airport will have capacity for approximately 1 million passengers per years.

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