New Luanda International Airport

New Airport
Completion: in 2 years (31-Dec-2023)
IATA: n/a
ICAO: n/a
City: Luanda
Country/Territory: Angola


  • Owner/investor:
    • Government
  • Investment (USD):
    • 3,800,000,000


  • Annual (pax):
    • 15,000,000
  • Annual (cargo, tonnes):
    • 600,000


  • Terminal:
    • 160,000m²
  • Runways:
    • 4,200m
    • 3,800m


New Luanda Airport is an international airport development project being constructed on the outskirts of Luanda Province. It is also known as Angola International Airport and has been under construction since 2008. Construction of the new airport is in the hands of a consortium of Chinese companies and Brazilian company Odebrecht. The opening is scheduled for 2023 It will act as an alternative to the existing Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport.

Jul-2021. Angola's Minister of Transport Ricardo de Abreu outlined plans to resume construction of the New Luanda International Airport. Mr de Abreu said the government reached a USD4.1 billion funding agreement with the contractor to ensure completion of the project. He said engineering works are expected to be complete in 12 months. Certification of the airport may then take another nine to 12 months.

Aug-2019. Angola's Transport Minister Ricardo Viegas D'Abreu reported construction on New Luanda International Airport would resume later in 2019 with plans for 2023 completion.

Apr-2019. Angola's National Company for the Exploration of Airports and Air Navigation management committee coordinator Mário Domingues said construction of New Luanda International Airport could be completed between 2022 and 2023.

Jan-2018. Angola's Transport Minister Augusto Tomás stated the construction of New Luanda International Airport has accelerated, while the quality of work has improved. The project is expected to finish within the next two years, Mr Tomas said, with its funding guaranteed "for now". The new airport is projected to increase Luanda's overall capacity from 3.6 million to 15 million passengers p/a, and forms part of the government's plan to position Luanda as a key hub for the airline industry.

Oct-2017. New Luanda International Airport is approximately 57.5% complete and on track to open by the end of 2019, according to Angola's Ministry of Transport. The new airport is being constructed on a 10,000ha site. The Ministry also advised the existing Luanda Quatro de Feveriero International Airport will remain open for executive and emergency services once the new airport opens.

Aug-2017. Angola's government plans to award two contracts for the construction of New Luanda International Airport, using USD113 million in funds financed by Polish bank BGK's credit line.

Feb-2017. Empresa Nacional de Exploracao de Aeroportos e Navegacao Aerea (ENANA) deputy commercial director Domingos da Silva said he expects New Luanda International Airport to become a commercial hub. The airport is expected to become operational in 2018, and will have capacity to handle 15 million passengers and 600,000 tonnes of cargo p/a.

Oct-2015. Angola's Minister of Transport Augusto Tomas reported work on the new international airport for Luanda is 55% complete and the facility will open for operations in Apr-2017. Construction of the airport is being undertaken by China International Fund Limited. The USD3.8 billion greenfield project will have capacity for 15 million passengers p/a. It features a 160,000sqm passenger terminal, 6200sqm cargo facility and runways of 4200m and 3800m, both capable of handling an A380. Runway work is 70% complete, with the main apron already finished. Navigation lighting, the ATC tower and passenger terminal are all 95% finished. The airport will be located in Bom Jesus locality, Icolo e Bengo municipality, around 40km from Luanda. The airport will have a direct rail link to the city. A second rail from the city is expected to be operational by the time the airport opens.


27-Mar-2015. Angola's Ministry of Transportation (MoT) appointed Mace Engineering Group as project manager and site supervisor for the project. Mace will partner with CIF, which was awarded the contract to design and build the USD3.8 billion airport. Construction is due to be completed in 2017.

06-Mar-2015. Angolan Minister of Construction Waldemar Pires Alexander said development of the New Luanda International Airport is not threatened by budgetary tightening related to the decline in oil prices. Financial resources for the USD3.8 billion project are already in place. 

04-Mar-2015. Angola's Minister of Transport Augusto da Silva Tomás reported construction of the first runway for New Luanda International Airport is more than 70% completed and all works, including navigation and lighting equipment, will be finished within 12 months.

Nov-2014. Angola's Secretary of State for Construction António Flor confirmed the new Luanda International Airport, due for completion by 2018, will have capacity for at least 10 million international passengers and 5 million domestic passenger p/a. The airport will have two runways and 31 boarding gates. Construction is being led by CITIC Construction. Funding is being provided from soft Chinese development loans.

Angola's Transport Minister Augusto da Silva Tomás reported the Angolan Government considers the development of the new international airport for Luanda a key national project, with the aim of creating one of the largest and most modern airports on the continent. The facility is due for completion by mid-2017, with initial capacity for around 15 million passengers p/a. The existing Luanda International Airport is operating above design capacity, leading to significant congestion in airport areas and building passenger delays.

Jun-2014. Transport Minister Augusto da Silva Tomás confirmed construction of the new airport will be completed during 2017 and the airport will start receiving flights during the same year. Mr da Silva Tomás said vision of the Angolan Government for the aviation sector “involves creating a regional hub for central and southern Africa to link to the rest of Africa and the world.”

Angola announced the signature of Presidential Order No. 46/14, outlining the commercial contract for the construction of the new Luanda International Airport, in the Bom Jesus municipality. An agreement has been signed between the Angolan Ministry of Transport and China International Fund Limited (CIF), approving the expenditure of USD3.92 billion for the project. The presidential order also allocates USD1.56 billion from the country’s 'Strategic Petroleum Reserve for Financial Infrastructure Base' for payments related to the programme during 2014. Additional funding will be provided through Chinese development aid sources. The airport will have capacity  for 13 million passengers and 35,000 tonnes of cargo p/a. It will feature two runways, one of 4.2km and one of 3.8 km, and have handling capacity for aircraft up to A380 size and weight. The airport will be built on land of 1324 hectares.

Feb-2014. Angola's Minister of Construction Waldemar Pires said the new airport serving Luanda may open within two years. The airport's 3800m northern runway was completed in 2012 and it will also feature a 4000m southern runway. The airport also recently completed construction of its control tower and administration building and expects to complete its main and VIP passenger terminals in the near future. 

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