New Central Polish Airport (Solidarity Transport Hub)

New Airport
Completion: in 5 years (30-Jun-2027)
IATA: n/a
ICAO: n/a
City: Warsaw
Country/Territory: Poland


  • Owner/investor:
    • Polish Government
  • Investment (USD):
    • 7,172,402,000


  • Annual (pax):
    • Initial: 45,000,000
    • When completed: 100,000,000


The New Central Polish Airport (Warsaw)/Solidarity Transport Hub Poland is a proposed airport to be developed on a site in the Baranów commune. The project has been subject of debate since 2006, with the government planning for a USD6-7.1 billion facility. The new airport is expected become the hub of LOT Polish Airlines.

Oct-2020. Poland's Deputy Infrastructure Minister Marcin Horała reported the Polish Council of Ministers allocated PLN13 billion (EUR2.8 billion) for design, preparatory works, land buyouts and commencement of investments for the start of development of Solidarity Transport Hub Poland under a multi-year financial programme.

Sep-2020. Solidarity Transport Hub Poland government plenipotentiary Marcin Horała reiterated that commercial activities at the airport will begin in 2027. Mr Horała also reported that land acquisition for the construction of the airport will begin in 2020.

Dec-2019. Solidarity Transport Hub Poland president Mikołaj Wild stated the priority will be to start construction works on the airport in 2023.

May-2019. New Central Polish Airport reported head of communications and PR Konrad Majszyk said the company plans to launch the second stage of strategic consultations of the new airport with carriers, infrastructure managers, handling companies, cargo operators, forwarding companies and fuel suppliers in Jul-2019.

Dec-2018. Poland's 'Central Transportation Port LLC' special purpose entity (SPE) was registered with the country's National Court Register. The new entity will be responsible for construction of New Central Polish Airport.

Nov-2018. New Central Polish Airport special purpose entity (SPE) president Jacek Bartosiak said New Central Polish Airport will require a variety of funding sources. Mr Bartosiak said the airport division of the hub is expected to be profitable and major financing problems are not anticipated. Mr Bartosiak noted financing for railway services operating to the airport will be more complex, with options including EU funding. Mr Bartosiak added the development of an airport city requires a well-prepared development plan that accounts for the needs of investors.


25-May-2018. Poland's Ministry of Infrastructure Secretary of State Mikołaj Wild identified a general location on which New Central Polish Airport plans to be erected. Project technical advisor Arup identified Baranów, Grodzisk Mazowiecki and Tarczyn communes as potential construction sites, with a 66.2 sq km area within Baranów commune chosen as the area in which the airport will be ultimately located. A definitive location decision within the specified area is expected to be made following finalisation of environmental analysis after 2020.

14-May-2018. Poland's Parliament voted in favour of an act for construction of New Central Polish Airport. The airport aims to serve up to 45 million p/a after phase one of construction, ultimately increasing to 100 million p/a. The airport, located between Łódź and Warsaw, will be constructed on around 3000 hectares of land, with preparatory works scheduled in 2019. Construction will span eight years with completion scheduled for 2027.

Feb-2018. Poland Minister of Infrastructure and Development Andrzej Adamczyk stated priorities for the Ministry in 2018 include New Central Polish Airport.


07-Nov-2017. Poland's Council of Ministers adopted the draft resolution for preparation to construct New Central Polish Airport. Preparatory works are scheduled for completion by the end of 2019, while the airport is scheduled to open in 2027. 

Nov-2017. Poland's Treasury Undersecretary of State and Secretary of State for the Prime Minister's Office Mikolaj Wild confirmed the Council of Ministers will consider adopting the draft resolution for the construction of New Central Polish Airport on 07-Nov-2017. Mr Wild expects works on architectural concepts to commence by mid-2018, and environmental and land procedures to be completed by 2019. The facility is expected to require investment between PLN31 billion (EUR7.3 billion) to PLN35 billon (EUR8.3 billion), with capacity to handle 45 million passengers p/a.

Sep-2017. Poland's Treasury Undersecretary of State and Secretary of State for the Prime Minister's Office Mikolaj Wild stated he has been tasked to "submit a draft resolution that would approve the concept of building" New Central Polish Airport in Stanisławów, located within the Baranów municipality.

Jul-2017. Poland's Undersecretary of State for the Treasury Mikolaj Wild stated a firm location for New Central Polish Airport is likely to be determined in the beginning of Sep-2017.

Jun-2017. Poland's Undersecretary of State for the Treasury Mikolaj Wild said the Federal Cabinet expects to receive a draft resolution on the financing structure and location of New Central Polish Airport by the end of Jul-2017. Mr Wild also estimated the cost of the facility to be around PLN30 billion (EUR7.1 billion/USD8.1 billion) including a rail station, and construction to be complete by mid-2027.

May-2017. New Central Polish Airport will initially handle 50 million passengers p/a, later expanding to accommodate 100 million, according to Undersecretary of State Mikołaj Wild.


30-Mar-2017. Poland's Undersecretary of State for Infrastructure and Development Jerzy Szmit said a draft resolution is in the process of being forwarded to the Polish Council of Ministers Economic Committee, in regards to construction of New Central Polish Airport.

16-Mar-2017. Poland's Minister of Infrastructure and Construction Andrzej Adamczyk confirmed plans to recommend construction of New Central Polish Airport to the Komitet Ekonomiczny Rady Ministrów (Polish Council of Ministers Economic Committee). Poland's Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MIB) said the approximate timeframe for the project would be 10 years.

14-Mar-2017. Poland's Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MIB) plans to approve construction of New Central Polish Airport within a few days. The airport would replace Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, and could see rejection of Warsaw Modlin Airport's expansion application.

06-Mar-2017. Poland's Marshal of the Podlaskie Voivodeship Jerzy Leszczynski submitted a letter to the Polish Federal Government, inquiring whether federal funding would be available for a regional airport in the Podlasie province. Polish Undersecretary of State for Infrastructure and Development Jerzy Szmit has stated two of the options in the referendum, including the most popular options of New Suwalki Airport or expansion of Bialystok Krywlany Airport, would be redundant if Poland moves forward with construction of New Central Polish Airport.


27-Jan-2017. Poland's Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MIB) Undersecretary of State Jerzy Szmit projected the New Central Polish Airport to require investment from PLN30 billion (EUR6.9 billion/USD7.3 billion) to PLN40 billion (EUR9.2 billion/USD9.8 billion).

03-Jan-2017. Poland's Minister of Infrastructure and Construction Andrzej Adamczyk stated a political decision will be made on the construction of an airport between Lodz and Warsaw during 2017. Investment in the Central Airport would be dependent on the adoption of a new Transport Policy by the Government. The cost of building a new airport is currently estimated at PLN25 billion (EUR5.7 billion/USD6 billion) to PLN30 billion (EUR6.8 billion/USD7.1 billion). The plan would be for the airport to become the hub of LOT Polish Airlines. Construction would take a minimum of eight years.

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