Kannur International Airport

New Airport
Completion: in a year (31-Dec-2019)
City: Mattanur
Country/Territory: India


  • Owner/investor:
    • State (35%)/AAI (10%)/PSU (25%)/investors (30%)
  • Investment (USD):
    • 294,700,000


  • Annual (pax):
    • 4,670,000


  • Terminal:
    • 80,000m²
  • Runways:
    • 3,050m × 45m


Kannur International Airport is currently being constructed by Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL). Located near the city of Mattanur in the Indian state of Kerala, the airport was scheduled for completion in 2016. A revised completion date of mid-2018 has been set. Scheduled services are expected to commence in 2019.

Oct-2018. Kannur International Airport Ltd (KIAL) MD V Thulasidas reported KIAL awarded a construction contract for the development of a cargo terminal at Kannur International Airport. Mr Thulasidas said the facility is expected to be completed within one year.


30-Jan-2018. Kannur International Airport Ltd (KIAL) MD P Bala Kiran reported construction works to develop a 3050m runway at Kannur International Airport are complete and works to extend the runway to 4000m are underway. Mr Kiran noted once works are complete Kannur will have "the fourth longest runway in India".

25-Jan-2018. Kannur International Airport Ltd (KIAL) MD P Bala Kiran reported construction works to develop a 21,000sqft air traffic control (ATC) facility and 750m elevated access road at Kannur International Airport are complete and installation of a common user passenger processing system (CUPPS) and 48 check in counters is underway.

Dec-2017. Kannur International Airport Ltd (KIAL) MD P Bala Kiran reported construction works to develop Kannur International Airport are 95% complete and KIAL applied to Airports Authority of India to commence trial aeronautical operations in Jan-2018, in preparation for the launch of operations by Sep-2018.


20-Jul-2017. India's Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha said construction work at Kannur International Airport has been completed at a cost of around INR18.92 billion (USD294 million) and trial operations have been concluded.

04-Jul-2017. Kannur International Airport’s opening date has been delayed to mid-2018 due to ongoing runway development works.

Apr-2017. Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL) project engineer (Civil) K S Shibu Kumar said the airport has a challenging deadline for the launch of the airport by Sep-2017, stating: "Works are rapidly progressing to meet the deadline". He added: "The completion of the safety area at the end of the runway before the commencement of monsoon is important". Mr Kumar also said that only 170m of the 240m safety area required on both ends of the runway is complete. The other pending works including obtaining clearances from India's Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) arranging security by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and setting up of emigration facilities.

Apr-2017. Kannur International Airport is is expecting 1.85 million passengers in 2017 during its first year of operation, with projections of up to nine million passengers in the future. Kannur International Airport will open with a 3050m runway which will be extended to 3400m by 2019. Plans to increase the runway length to 4000m are also planned.

Feb-2017. Kannur International Airport Ltd (KIAL) hopes to complete development work at Kannur International Airport by Apr/May-2017 and commission operations by Sep-2017. 90% of airside development and 82% of terminal development were reported to be completed. KIAL MD V Thulasidas said developments are "as per schedule", with one to two months required to test "equipments, integration, commissioning and to get mandatory aerodrome licence from the Director General of Civil Aviation". The airport will receive the ICAO code 'VOKN' and has applied for an IATA code.

Dec-2016. Kannur International Airport stated (Dec-2016) construction on its baggage handling system as well as its terminal and associated works for city side are 80% complete, while work on its elevators and escalators system is 75% complete. It is expected that construction works will largely be finished by Mar-2017.

Nov-2016. Kannur International Airport issued an Expression of Interest (EoI) document to select a consultant for specific services at Kannur Airport through a transparent bidding process. 


31-Aug-2016. Kannur International Airport Ltd (KIAL) MD V Thulasidas said the process of acquiring land for the extension of runway to 4000m will commence soon, confirming: "We are acquiring land for extending the runway up to 4000 metres in the next phase, though the 3050-metre runway that has already been built is enough to start the operation of flights to the destinations in Gulf countries". Construction work and the remaining runway work including lighting works are scheduled to be completed by Mar-2017. 

12-Aug-2016. India's Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha said the new airport at Kannur in Kerala is expected to be completed by 31-May-2017.

09-Aug-2016. India’s Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has set 17-Mar-2017 as Kannur International Airport's inauguration date. 

Jun-2016. Kannur International Airport Limited provided a status report that showed Kannur International Airport's construction progress had reached 72% completion to its 80,000sqm terminal, 14 parking bay apron, 22,000sqm vehicle marking area and 1200sqm air traffic control tower. The airport will have a handling capacity of 4.67 million passengers and 60,758 tonnes of cargo p/a by 2026, in addition to being able to handle 39,638 aircraft movements yearly. 


02-May-2016. Kannur International Airport’s phase two will extend its runway to 3400m after acquiring 100 acres of land. India’s Government announced the runway extension will extend to 4000m to enhance safety.

02-May-2016. Kannur International Airport’s phase one 3050m runway was completed on 29-Apr-2016, as well as two turning areas at each end of the runway and the 7.5m by 45m shoulders on the sides of the runway.

Mar-2016. Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said the first trial operations at Kannur International Airport, Kerala's fourth international airport, were conducted on 29-Feb-2016, ahead of the opening of the airport for commercial operations in Sep-2016. The airport will have a 3400m runway, to be extended 4000m in Phase II.


18-Feb-2016. Government of Kerala Minister for Fisheries, Ports and Excise K Babu announced the new Kannur International Airport will handle its first flight on 29-Feb-2016, with commercial operations due to commence in Sep-2016.

16-Feb-2016. India’s Director General of Civil Aviation approved test flights for Kannur International Airport, to commence in Feb-2016.

15-Feb-2016. Kannur International Airport MD G Chandramauli stated the airport will focus on gaining a profit with its current 3050m runway before drawing additional runway extension plans, "if the airport generates sufficient revenue for further development, only then we can develop it, because our first priority is to clear the existing loan". The statement was released in response to Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy’s announcement to extend the runway to 4000m.


21-Jan-2016. Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL) proposed plans to float public shares for Kannur International Airport worth INR300 million (USD4.4 million) in the market soon, in order to generate additional funds for the development project. Investors are required to subscribe at least 500 shares that are worth INR100 (USD1.5) per share. The airport project is expected to cost approximately INR19 billion (USD279 million).

18-Jan-2016. Kannur International Airport Ltd (KIAL) said the delay in acquiring land for extending the runway and making approach roads is likely to affect the future expansion plans of the airport. While the project was envisaged on 2061 acres of land, 785.45 acres of balance land is under acquisition. On issues impacting the approach roads, compensation claims of the 40km road that passes through six panchayats are currently been heard. There are as many as eight roads announced by the state government under construction connecting the airport area.

06-Jan-2016. Kerala's Minister of Fisheries, Ports and Excise K Babu said proposals to extend the runway at Kannur International Airport to 4000m are unnecessary and not practical. Mr Babu said the planned length of 3400m will be sufficient and acquisition of land for further extension would not be possible. The airport plans to complete 2400m of the runway to enable trial operations by the end of Jan-2016 before commencing extension works.


30-Dec-2015. Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL) commenced construction works on a fuel farm at Kannur International Airport on 22-Dec-2015.

30-Dec-2015. Kannur International Airport plans to conduct landing trials in Jan-2016, following the completion of construction work on its new 2400m runway. MD G Chandramauli said: "Our target is to complete 2400m of the runway, get the green signal from civil aviation authorities and begin trial landings using aircraft in Code-B ATR 42 category without passengers in January. After successful trial landings, our aim is to begin commercial operations by September, an Onam gift to Keralites."

11-Dec-2015. Kannur International Airport completed a survey of land to be acquired for the proposed extension of its runway from 3050m to 3400m. 

09-Dec-2015. Kannur International Airport completed 70% of runway and apron works and 52% of terminal works as of Dec-2015. Installation of airfield lighting is underway. Communications, navigation and surveillance equipment is expected to be delivered, inspected and installed in the near future. The airport plans to conduct a test flight in Jan-2015 and commence commercial operations in mid 2016, subject to Directorate General of Civil Aviation approval.

02-Dec-2015. Kannur International Airport MD G Chandramouli said the first service at the airport was postponed from 31-Dec-2015 to 15-Jan-2016 due to delays in earthworks caused by heavy rain. Mr Chandramouli said the airport is confident of breaking even in five years.

Nov-2015. Kannur International Airport expects to complete extension of its runway to 3050m and commence commercial operations in late Aug-2016 or early Sep-2016. The airport aims to complete the runway with an initial length of 2400m to handle trial operations on 31-Dec-2015.


07-Oct-2015. Kannur International Airport completed 50% of slab works for its passenger terminal and 65% of earthworks. The terminal slab is expected to be complete by the end of Oct-2015. Work on the terminal and control tower is proceeding as scheduled. Progress on earthworks was restricted by recent heavy rains and ground levelling will commence once the weather improves. Meteorological equipment is expected to be installed by the end of 2015 and 50% of power supply cables have been laid.

01-Oct-2015. Kerala Minister for Airports K Babu said major airlines have expressed interest in services to Kannur International Airport, expected to open in mid-2016, commenting: “The work on the airport is progressing on a war footing and the trial landing is scheduled for 31-Dec... So far, 62 per cent of the runway and 44 per cent of the passenger terminals have been completed... At least 1500 people are working hard to ensure that the flight landed on schedule". This is the fourth international airport in the state, the second with private participation after Cochin International Airport, and the largest in terms of landholding. The Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL), in which the state government holds 40.8% stake, has also nominated prominent NRI businessman Yusuffali MA, who holds a 5% stake in the company, on its board. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (25.28%) and Airport Authority of India (11.66%) are other major shareholders. Retail investors, including non-resident Indians, hold 6.58%.

30-Sep-2015. Kerala's Minister of Fisheries, Ports and Excise K Babu said survey works for the extension of Kannur International Airport's runway will resume after local residents agreed to suspend protests. The project is intended to extend the runway from 3050m to 3400m. A trial landing is scheduled to take place on 31-Dec-2015.

29-Sep-2015. India's North Malabar Chamber of Commerce called for Kerala's Government to expedite land acquisition for the extension of Kannur International Airport's runway. The chamber is also seeking the development of new and existing roads connecting the airport with Mattannur and Kannur city.

09-Sep-2015. Kannur International Airport MD G Chandramouli said construction of the airport's terminal is nearly 40% complete. Terminal and runway construction is proceeding as planned and the airport remains committed to commencing trial operations in Dec-2015.

05-Aug-2015. Kannur Airport announced the detailed project report and project information memorandum has been approved by the Kannur International Airport Limited board. Key features are:

• Estimated project cost: INR17.9 billion (USD281 million);
• Debt: INR10.1 billion (USD158.1 million);
• Equity: INR7.84 billion (USD123 million);
• Estimated debt to equity ratio: 1.29 to 1;
• Project internal rate of return: 12.27%;
• Equity internal rate of return: 13.21%.


24-Jul-2015. Kannur International Airport stated its shareholders approved the private placement offer and further issue of 1,943,996 equity shares of INR100 (USD1.56) each.

22-Jul-2015. India's Minister of State for Civil Aviation Dr Mahesh Sharma confirmed the government granted in principle approval for the development of 13 new airports at cities including Kannur. The estimated project cost is INR18.9 billion (USD294.7 million)

20-Jul-2015. Kannur International Airport plans to operate its first trial flight on 31-Dec-2015 and commence commercial operations in mid 2016. The total cost of the airport project is now expected to be INR18.9 billion (USD297.2 million).

Jul-2015. Kannur International Airport received INR500 million (USD7.9 million) from India's Government as an instalment in the acquisition of a 26% stake in the project by Airports Authority of India. Kannur Airport expects to receive the remaining INR500 million in the near future.

Jul-2015. Kerala's Chief Minister Oommen Chandy announced plans to release funds, commence drainage works and expedite land acquisition for runway construction at Kannur International Airport. The airport will be Kerala's fourth international facility and the first established under a public-private partnership. The airport is expected to commence operations in 2016.

Jun-2015. Airports Authority of India (AAI) signed a MoU to acquire a 26% stake in Kannur International Airport for INR1 billion (USD15.7 million). The airport is expected to be operational in Dec-2015. Surveys are underway to secure the remaining 10% of land not already acquired for the project. The additional land will enable extension of the airport's runway from 3050m to 3400m in the second phase of development.


20-May-2015. Kerala's minister for fisheries, ports and Excise K Babu said Kannur International Airport would handle its first services by 31-Dec-2015 and commence commercial operations by May-2016. Mr Babu said 55% of runway works and 35% of terminal works are complete. 

04-May-2015. Kannur International Airport stated that 47% of airside works and 26% of "cityside" works are complete. A total of 1277.93 acres has been acquired for the project, which will require 2061 acres overall. The airport is in an advanced stage of execution with Canara Bank, South Indian Bank and Federal Bank for INR8.92 billion (USD140 million) in debt financing. India's Ministry of Civil Aviation is considering additional investment in the project of INR1.6 billion (USD25.1 million). The airport will feature a 3050m runway and an 80,000sqm terminal building. The airport is expected to have capacity for 4.67 million passengers, 39,638 aircraft movements and 60,758 tons of cargo p/a by FY2026.

Mar-2015. Kerala’s Norka-Roots intends to raise funds for the Kannur International Airport project from Keralites living overseas. The airport’s runway is currently 45% complete and its terminal is 25% complete. The airport is still scheduled to open partially on 31-Dec-2015.

Jan-2015. Kannur International Airport is expected to undertake trials from Dec-2015 and commence commercial operations on 24-May-2016. Kannur International Airport MD G Chandramouli said the project is close to completing financing for nearly INR19 billion (USD308 million) in capital expenditure.

Jul-2014. Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said the runway at the airport would be extended from 3050m to 3400m in the first phase of the airport project. The process of acquiring 75 acres of land for the extension is currently underway. The runway is expected to be complete by Dec-2015, with 10% of works currently finished.

The airport plans to commence construction of an 807,300sqft passenger terminal on 05-Jul-2014. Construction will be undertaken by Larsen & Toubro. The terminal will feature 48 check-in counters, 32 emigration counters, duty outlets and a parking facility with space for 900 cars and 25 buses. Construction of the airport's 3050m runway commenced in Jan-2014. The airport is still expected to handle its first service by 31-Dec-2015 and commence full commercial operations by May-2016.

Jun-2014. Groundwork for developing the airport runway was reported to be progressing on schedule, with an expected opening in May-2016. Thus far in the process, a total of 175 hectares of land has been complete of the total 512 hectares.

The airport announced a decision on tenders for work on its terminal and ATC buildings would be made at its 25-Jun-2014 board meeting and work on the structures will commence from 05-Jul-2014. Work on the airport’s runway is already underway, although an additional 11.5 acres of land needs to be acquired.

May-2014. Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL) MD G Chandramouli said progress on the airport is continuing “at a fast pace” and on schedule and he expects the facility will be operational from 2015. Larsen and Toubro has been contracted to build the airport’s runway, apron and compound wall. A tender for airport buildings, including the terminal, ATC tower and administration bloc, is due to be issued by KIAL in May-2014.

Feb-2014. Kannur International Airport announced the second phase of its construction will comment in May-2014, and the airport will be operational during Dec-2015. The second phase of the airport development will include construction of the terminal and air traffic control tower.

KIAL formally commenced construction on its greenfield airport project on 02-Feb-2014. Larsen & Toubro is the chief contractor on the airport.

Jan-2014. The Kerala State Government Minister for Excise and Ports announced the Kerala State Government and AAI plan to sign an MoU on the equity structure of Kannur International Airport Limited. The Kerala State Government plans to take a 35% stake in the project, up from its original agreement to take a 26% stake. The Airports Authority of India plans to take a 26% stake. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is expected to take a 23% stake in the airport.

The Kerala State Government announced work on the Kannur (Mattanur) green field airport development project will commence on 02-Feb-2014. 500 acres of the 1200 acres needed for the project have been acquired, although another 150 acres may be necessary for later expansion. The INR6.9 billion (USD111 million) first phase of the development will include construction of a single runway and related ground infrastructure. The second phase will include construction of the terminal and air traffic control facilities, with a tender due to be issued by May-2014. The airport is expected to be completed by the end of Dec-2015, with trial operations starting in Sep-2015.

Airports Authority of India (AAI) plans to invest INR2.04 billion (USD32.9 million) in Kannur International Airport Chandramouli Ltd (KIAL) to take a 26% share of the project, according to the airport company’s managing director G Chandramouli. According to Mr Chandramouli, the airport company’s authorised share capital amount is INR10 billion (USD161.5 million), but the board is yet to take a decision on how to raise the funding, and is looking at a capital raising target of INR7.84 billion (USD126.6 million).

Nov-2013. KIAL and Larsen & Toubro Ltd are scheduled to sign a contract on 26-Nov-2013 on construction work at the airport. The contract for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC-I) work of the runway and airside development was awarded to L&T on 05-Nov-2013. L&T has reportedly already started mobilising the equipment and machinery for the work and tree felling is in progress. KIAL plans to hold a formal function to start the earthwork of the proposed international airport though the date has not been finalised.  

Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL) board confirmed Kannur International Airport plans to start commercial operations before the end of 2016.

Oct-2013. Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL)'s board approved a final development budget of INR36.2 billion (USD591.2 million) and the formation of a committee to oversee the technical bids submitted by construction firms. INR11.7 billion (USD194.4 million) will be invested in the initial development phase. The airport is due to be operational by the end of 2015.

Sep-2013. Kannur International Airport MD G Chandramouli announced the airport hopes to complete financial discussions for the project by the end of 2013 and confirmed the airport development company is in discussions with parties to raise up to INR9 billion (USD143.6 million) in debt for the project. Mr Chandramouli said the airport should be in a position to award contracts for the development of the city side terminal and control tower by Apr-2013. The airport plans to launch commercial operations by the end of 2015.

Aug-2013. KIAL announced it has begun work on developing the second round of engineering, procurement, construction contracts for the development of the second phase of the Aranmula Airport project, scheduled to commence in Dec-2015. An independent evaluation committee will evaluate the technical bids, and the contract will be awarded in early Oct-2013.

Kannur International Airport plans to commence construction of its runway by mid-Oct-2013. Eight companies have showed interest in the runway project, and the deadline for submitting the technical and financial bids has been extended by 15 days, at the request of the companies. 1276 acres of land have been acquired for the airport development. Another 783 acres have been identified and notified for acquisition and are expected to be taken over in six months. The project is expected to be completed by Dec-2015. The airport will be developed under a public-private partnership, including investment from the Kerala State Government.

Jul-2013. Kerala State Government Excise and Shipping Minister K Babu announced the development of the new Kannur International Airport is scheduled to be completed by 2015, with commercial operations at the airport to begin in Dec-2015 ow . Work on the airport is due to commence in Oct-2013. The development is being handled by a public-private partnership under the Kannur International Airport Limited (KIAL) company.

May-2013. The Kerala state government Minister for Fisheries, Ports and Enterprise K Babu said the state government will sign a MoU with a construction company for works on the Kannur airport project on 10-Aug-2013 and work will commence by Sep-2013.

Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said the public hearing for final clearance on Kannur Int Airport, in which expatriates were invited to invest, would be issued on 18-May-2013 and the project would proceed within a month.

Apr-2013. Kannur International Airport Ltd has short listed seven companies for the construction of the international airport near Mattannur in Kannur. The companies have been given Request for Proposal (RFP) documents for awarding the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract for the earthwork, runway, and pavements for the airport with the INR7 billion (USD130.4 million) contract to be awarded in Jul-2013 and construction to commence in Aug-2013.

Jan-2013. The Kerala State Government planned to float tenders for earthworks, runway surface and paving works by the end of Jan-2013 for the planned Kannur International Airport. Tenders for the terminal building, air traffic control tower and other buildings will be launched at a later date. 1278 acres of the required 2000 acres have been acquired for the airport. Funding requirements for the airport are estimated at INR11.3 billion (USD255.6 million).

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