Istanbul New Airport (Istanbul Grand Airport)

New Airport
Completion: in 11 days (29-Oct-2018)
ICAO: n/a
City: Istanbul
Country/Territory: Turkey


  • Owner/investor:
    • Limak-Cengiz-Kolin-Mapa-Kalyon OGG consortium
  • Investment (USD):
    • 36,364,000,000


  • Annual (pax):
    • Initial: 90,000,000
    • When completed: 200,000,000
  • Annual (cargo, tonnes):
    • 2500000/5500000


Turkey's Ministry of Transport and Communication announced plans for a four-stage, USD36 billion new airport in Istanbul would be put out to tender before the end of 2012. The Ministry's General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments GM Metin Tahan said both domestic and international interest for the project has been building up since its announcement in Aug-2012. Perkins+Will secured the tender, announcing plans to develop an airport city complex on the 690ha land plot surrounding the facility. The airport will be located in Arnavutköy, a district in the northern part of the city's European side. 

Phase I of the new airport will comprise three runways and three taxiways, with a 90 million passenger capacity terminal due to be operational by Oct-2018. The new gateway will be located in the north-western part of Istanbul and will accommodate around 150 million passengers p/a once fully operational in 2028. The airport will be built in a build-operate-transfer model and the winner will get the rights to run the new airport for 25 years.

Oct-2018. IGA Havalimani Isletmesi AS CEO Kadri Samsunlu confirmed the third runway at Istanbul New Airport has been scheduled to open 16 months after the airport starts operation on 29-Oct-2018.

Sep-2018. Turkey's Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahi̇t Turhan boasted Istanbul New Airport will be the "centre of passenger and cargo transportation". Mr Turhan reiterated the airport is on schedule to open on 29-Oct-2018 with capacity of 90 million passengers p/a in its initial stage of development. 

Jun-2018. IGA Havalimani Isletmesi AS (IGA) CEO Hüseyin Kadri Samsunlu commented on Istanbul New Airport expansion plans over the coming years. Mr Samsunlu said two runways, a second terminal and auxiliary support facilities will be added to the airport over several phases in order to increase capacity to 120 million passengers p/a by 2022. A new satellite terminal and additional runway is expected to be commissioned in the airport's fourth phase of development in order to reach capacity of 200 million p/a.

May-2018. DHMI, via its official Twitter account, reported Istanbul New Airport is 88.5% complete for a first phase opening on 29-Oct-2018.

Feb-2018. General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI) DG and chair Funda Ocak outlined expected construction goals of Istanbul New Airport upon final completion. Goals include:

  • Terminal surface area of around 1.9 million sqm and capacity of 200 million passengers p/a;
  • Six independent runways;
  • Parallel taxiways;
  • Around 6.5 million sqm of apron;
  • VIP, cargo and general aviation terminals.

Nov-2017. DHMI reported the construction of the Istanbul New Airport has reached 71%. 

Sep-2017. IGA Havalimani Isletmesi AS confirmed Istanbul New Airport is 64.5% complete. IGA airport construction CEO Yusuf Akçayoğlu stated construction commenced on air bridges.


15-May-2017. Ghafari Associates secured a contract to provide full planning, architectural, and engineering services for airline operations support facilities at New Istanbul Airport. The airport will serve as headquarters for Turkish Airlines' operations as well as its primary hub airport. Each facility developed under the contract will be among the largest of its kind in terms of size and operational capacity. Totalling nearly 167 hectares, Ghafari's scope of work covers facilities for air cargo logistics, MRO, ground support services and flight operations, including an integrated operational control center and inflight catering. Design services for the site's next-generation critical support facilities will be led out of Ghafari's Istanbul office with support from the firm's Aviation Design Center in Chicago.

02-May-2017. Istanbul New Airport selected ADB SAFEGATE to conduct an AGL design review and install its intelligent airfield solutions including intelligent LED ground lighting and visual aids. With 35,000 LED lights powering the airfield runways and taxiways, this will be the world’s biggest AGL implementation.

Apr-2017. Istanbul New Airport received approval from Global Reporting Initiative for its sustainability report.


13-Mar-2017. IGA airports construction CEO Yusuf Akcayoglu stated 95% "rough construction" for the terminal at Istanbul New Airport has been completed, and total progress is "around 40%".

07-Mar-2017. IGA Havalimani Isletmesi AS detailed aspects of the airport city planned around Istanbul New Airport. The first phase of of the airport city, the 420,000sqm "core zone", comprises hotels, offices, shopping malls, religious sites, hospitals and residential areas. The first phase of the airport city is scheduled for completion in line with the first phase of the airport's construction, in 1Q2018. 

Feb-2017. Turkey's Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communications Ahmet Arslan confirmed (Feb-2017) completion of Istanbul New Airport's first runway. Mr Arslan said employment of construction workers will increase from 23,000 to 30,000 by spring 2017, while stating the airport is on track to open its first phase in 1H2018. The first phase of the project will have capacity of 90 million passengers p/a with three independent runways, while the final phase will have capacity for 200 million passengers. 

Dec-2016. Turkey's Prime Minister Prime Minister Binali Yildirim stated the first section of Istanbul’s third airport will be opened on 26-Feb-2018. 


24-Nov-2016. IGA Havalimani Isletmesi AS airport operation CEO Hüseyin Keskin stated he expects Istanbul New Airport to become the, "Biggest hub in Europe" by the early 2020s, as work to construct the airport continues at "full speed". Mr Keskin added: "We are sure that the aviation sector will get back to high growth rates". He added that the company is planning a "big bang" aeronautical service transition from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Istanbul New Airport, which would take "just a couple of days". Mr Keskin stated an operational readiness and airport transfer period will commence from 12 to 15 months before the opening of Istanbul New Airport, and "trials of all the systems and buildings will start six months before the opening".

19-Nov-2016. The Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication stated the first runway of six runways at the airport is almost complete in late Oct-2016.

Nov-2016. IGA Havalimani Isletmesi AS (IGA) awarded Canada's Accipiter Radar Technologies a contract to supply and deliver the 3D Total Coverage avian radar system for Istanbul New Airport. 

Oct-2016. Turkey's Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan confirmed construction work has commenced for Istanbul New Airport's 95m ATC tower. Mr Arslan stated the tower involves a TRY50 million (EUR14.7 million/USD16.1 million) investment.

Aug-2016. Istanbul Grand Airport (İGA) CEO Yusuf Akçayoğlu said 30% of Phase I of Istanbul’s third airport has been completed. Mr Akçayoğlu said: "So far, we have invested some two billion euros of the initial six billion euros of the first batch of credit," noting that Phase I commenced in May-2015. The speed of the construction has increased during summer 2016, with construction expected to be completed by Feb-2018 with contractors displaying a 4%-5% improvement each month. 

Jun-2016. Turkey's DHMI GM Serdar Hüseyin Yildirim confirmed the construction of Istanbul Grand Airport is ahead of schedule, largely due to exceptional weather conditions. Mr Yildirim said "rough construction of the terminal" should be completed by the end of 2016, and the initial terminal and two runways will be revealed in Sep-2016 or Oct-2016. Mr Yildirim concluded by stating he expects 70 million passengers to use the facility in 2018.

Mar-2016. Istanbul New Airport is expected to have cargo capacity of 4.5 million tons p/a following the first two phases of development and 5.5 million tons p/a after the opening of terminal two. The airport will feature a 1.4 million sqm cargo and logistics city, incorporating offices for agents and customs, a truck parking area, 300,000sqm of warehouses for airfreight operators and 100,000sqm of warehouses for freight forwarders. The airport will have parking space for 36 Code E cargo aircraft and connections to road and rail transport.


25-Feb-2016. Turkey's Minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication Binali Yildirim stated the bridge at Istanbul Grand Airport "will be ready along with link roads by Aug-2016". Mr Yildirim confirmed a section of the airport will officially open in Feb-2018, with the section costing EUR10.3 billion/USD11.4 billion and having the capacity to handle 90 million passengers p/a.

10-Feb-2016. Turkey's Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım confirmed Istanbul Grand Airport will be operational in 1Q2018.


11-Jan-2016. Istanbul Grand Airport confirmed the construction of Istanbul New Airport’s ‘space frame’ roof has begun .

11-Jan-2016. Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) stated the development and construction of Istanbul’s third airport will “be a local project as much as possible”. Any local companies bidding for tenders in the airport’s development will receive up to 15% cost reduction. Over 6000 people are already working on the airport’s construction.


29-Dec-2015. Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) selected AECOM and Pininfarina as the winner of an international design competition for the regional Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower and technical building at the Istanbul New Airport. The AECOM and Pininfarina collaboration was chosen from a total of six entries from international architectural teams, including Zaha Hadid, Fuksas, Moshe Safdie, Grimshaw-Nordic and RMJM. According to IGA, the new building will feature designs that "evokes the aerodynamic forms used in automotive and aviation design, and includes an elliptical tower that will be visible to all passengers flying in and out of the new airport." Pininfarina chairman Paolo Pininfarina said: "The Istanbul ATC for the New Airport is an iconic building, destined to become a landmark for Istanbul. Our aim, as with all our projects, was to develop a bespoke idea that embodied our partner’s design identity while at the same time bringing a new aesthetic perspective."

08-Dec-2015. Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), Grimshaw and RMJM are reportedly among the six teams shortlisted for an air traffic control tower for Istanbul’s GBP6 billion new airport. Massimiliano Fuksas, Safdie Architects and Pininfarina with Aecom are also among the practices bidding to construct the 95m tower. The new tower features in the first phase of the Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) project which was initially designed by Grimshaw with Nordic Office of Architecture and Haptic Architects. Earlier this year Scott Brownrigg was appointed lead designer for the wider airport project.

Nov-2015. Perkins+Will project design lead for the New Istanbul Airport David Green noted the scale of the Grand Airport City project, which a 690ha development surrounding the airport. Mr Green said: “This has never been done before. We’re building a city from scratch. I really truly believe this will lead to a fundamental change in the way we think about what we do next to airports. The basis of what we’re trying to do is create a city embedded in the landscape on the Black Sea coast directly connected to the airport. There will be no distinction; you’ll be able to walk out the terminal into an urban area that has hotels, cultural events, a hospital, a university. We’ll compress the horrible time from clearing security to travelling through traffic and trying to figure out your way. I’m hoping we’ll bring back immediacy.” The airport terminal exit will lead directly to a promenade into the city. There will be a large botanical public space surrounded by public leisure facilities, including hotels, shops, bars, restaurants and a large concert venue. Construction is expected to begin in 2Q2016. 


20-Oct-2015. Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the opening of Istanbul's third airport has been delayed until 2018. Mr Erdogan said: "The airport project is made up of a total of four stages. According to the schedule, God willing, the first phase of the new airport in Istanbul will be operational in the first quarter of 2018". No reason was provided for the delay. "Turkey's biggest project" has an estimated cost of over EUR32 billion, Mr Erdogan said. The first stage includes three runways from north to south and a terminal building with an annual capacity of 90 million passengers. The annual passenger capacity is estimated to reach 150 million when all stages are completed in 2028. Mr Erdogan also said three public and three foreign-financed banks will provide EUR4.5 billion in financing for Istanbul's third airport. The signing ceremony for the financing of the first phase of the airport was held on 19-Oct-2015.

08-Oct-2015. Limak Holding chairman Nihat Özdemir said a loan package worth EUR4.5 billion will be signed with six banks to finance the first stage consortium works of Istanbul’s new airport on 19-Oct-2015. Around 70% of the package will be held by state-run banks, with Mr Özdemir stating: “The construction works of the third airport have so far been made in a rapid manner. We have resolved the financing issues but a few points remain unresolved. We’ll finalize the deal by the end of this month", adding: “[Private banks] Finansbank, Garanti Bank and Denizbank, in addition to state-run banks Ziraat, Halkbank and Vakıfbank are taking part in securing the package. Yapı Kredi was also in the package talks but it later opted out … We plan to ink the deal on Oct. 19".

05-Oct-2015. Perkins+Will has been selected to devise the masterplan for a major mixed-use urban development beside the Istanbul New Airport, which is currently under construction. Known as an “airport city,” the 1700-acre development will include a central innovation district, hotels, retail and commercial office space, logistic centres, an expo and convention centre, public space, and metro and high-speed rail connections to Istanbul and beyond. Perkins+Will will deliver the masterplan to IGA in a record-setting four months’ time, setting the entire development on a fast-track toward ground-breaking in 2016.

23-Sep-2015. Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) Corp said the financing package, prepared for the first phase of investments into Istanbul's third airport, is expected to be announced in mid-Oct-2015. According to Turkish statues, Ziraat Bank will contribute the most to the financing package. The package will be the first one of this size to have been written using Turkish law. All project finances have been prepared in accordance with the British statutes so far.

10-Sep-2015. Istanbul New Airport selected Aecom to design the airside facilities of Istanbul New Airport. The scope of the works include three runways, as well as taxiways, apron, drainage systems, ground lighting and navigational aids. The company will be supported by its Turkish consultancy Deltaturk, which is acting as its delivery partner. Aecom will also deliver construction supervision services. The works to be designed cover an area of 16 square kilometres and will be completed by specialist teams in the UK and Turkey. The client for the work is IGA, a consortium made up of five Turkish contractors: Cengiz, Mapa, Limak, Kolin and Kalyon.


17-Jul-2015. Istanbul Grand Airport (İGA) CEO Yusuf Akçayoğlu reiterated that construction on the new Istanbul airport commenced on 01-May-2015 after the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) officially handed over the allocated area. He commented: “There is a misunderstanding in the public that we started the construction earlier than this date. But the land was officially submitted by the DHMİ to us as of 01-May this year and we have only just started our construction activities". Mr Akçayoğlu described the land upon which the airport is being built as “more challenging than earlier thought” due to the rapid tender process. “We made a number of excavations and drilling works at the site over the last two years, so some reports claimed that we had already started the construction. Maybe we were unable to correct this perception. The tender was held rapidly as the project is of great importance for Turkey’s future. Seventy-nine million square meters of land were found for the project before the tender date. The bidding companies, however, needed to prepare their proposals upon just 25 pre-drillings. After our consortium won the tender, we saw that the land was much more challenging than we had earlier thought. So we have made more than 3000 test drillings on the site in the two years since the tender,” he said.

14-Jul-2015. Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has vowed to oppose any coalition talks that pledge to suspend “major projects,” such Istanbul’s under-construction new airport. Mr Erdoğan said: “Any coalition talks that start with a debate about suspending the major projects of Turkey will be challenged by me before anyone else... They say they would not let the third airport or third bridge be constructed. What kind of mentality is that?” Mr Erdoğan also said he “expects and wishes for a new government to be formed as soon as possible.”

04-Jul-2015. Turkey's General Directorate of State Airports Authority head Serdar Hüseyin Yıldırım stated construction of the terminal building has commenced. He dismissed the allegations that construction work on the airport is halted, and stated that only urgent expropriation decision for the lands falling into east-west axis runway has been overruled by Turkey's Council of State. Mr Yıldırım said the airport expects to handle its first service in 1Q2018 and construction works are currently ongoing in line with the schedule. He commented: “We plan to make the airport operational by the first quarter of 2018. At the beginning there will be two landing fields and one terminal. Construction activities will continue. After the completion of the third and fourth landing fields and the additional facilities, the airport will reach a capacity of 150 million passengers". 

01-Jul-2015. Turkey reportedly said three state-owned deposit banks will finance EUR3.5 billion (USD3.8 billion) of the EUR4.5 billion (USD4.9 billion) first-stage financing for the Istanbul New Airport project. The agreement for the financing was signed in May-2015 and the remaining EUR1 billion (USD1.1 billion) will be financed by private banks, including the Russian Sberbank, which announced in Jun-2015 that it will provide EUR500 million (USD554.2 million) in financing for the project.

Jun-2015. Istanbul New Airport awarded an five-year airport operations consultancy services agreement to Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC) in co-operation with Copenhagen Airports A/S. The agreement includes strategy and business plan development, human resource and organisational development, operational readiness through trial operations, and consultancy on the operation of the new airport in the first three years after its opening in 2017. 

May-2015. Limak Holding owner Nihat Özdemir said the company has so far invested EUR500 million for the infrastructure and groundwork of Istanbul’s third airport. He said 3000 workers and 700 trucks are currently working in the area, adding the number of trucks will increase to 1200. Mr Özdemir also said the loan problems were solved by getting EUR4.5 billion worth of loans from seven banks, adding that 60% of these loans were given by the three state banks, Ziraat, Halkbank and Vakıfbank, while the rest was covered by private banks Garanti, Yapı Kredi, Denizbank and Finansbank.


06-Mar-2015. IGA Havalimani İsletmesi CEO Mertol Genç said New Istanbul Airport’s commercial offer will deliver “memorable and extraordinary experiences” for travellers when it opens in around 2018. The CEO of the consortium said commercial revenues would out-strip aeronautical income at the airport, on which phase one construction should be complete by late 2017. Mr Genç said: “Commercial revenues, including but not limited to duty free and F&B, will be [worth] more than aeronautical revenues. Therefore these are very important and [play] a significant part in our business plan.”  The new facility will have 120,000sqm of commercial space, split between airside retail, food & beverage, plus other retail and services.

05-Mar-2015. IGA Havalimani Isletmesi confirmed that it signed a MoU with DHL for the establishment of a 20,000sqm express cargo operation area at the Istanbul New Airport. The project will include support facilities and space for further expansion.

01-Mar-2015. Turkish Airlines chairman Hamdi Topçu said İstanbul Atatürk Airport will close following the opening of the city's new airport. He said: “When the new airport is opened İstanbul Atatürk Airport will close as the two airports share the same air space and it is difficult for two airports to operate as such. The airport that is currently being built in İstanbul will be able to accommodate 150 million passengers [annually], which will make it the largest airport in the world. At the moment, the Atlanta airport has the world's highest passenger capacity at 90 million. God willing [İstanbul's new airport] will pass this mark".

Feb-2015. Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu announced that Istanbul's third airport will be opened on 29-Oct-2017. Mr Davutoğlu underlined the importance of the third airport currently being constructed in Istanbul claiming it will turn Istanbul into an important hub of international aviation as well as being the largest airport in the world. He added that the project is of the utmost importance as it reflects the country's rising economic power and is one of the biggest projects undertaken in Turkey, both for its business volume and cost. He also commented: "This project requires everyone to be sensitive and observant about protecting the urban environment of Istanbul and also extra careful about the structure of the soil. The magnitude of the project and the importance we give to protecting Istanbul's environment are equally as important". Mr Davutoğlu commented that as soon as the airport opens, 120,000 employment opportunities will be created. The project is estimated to cost more than EUR10 billion and the Cengiz-Kolin-Limak-Mapa-Kalyon Consortium, a JV of Turkish companies, has been awarded the tender for the project. The Prime Minister also said the depreciation of the Turkish Lira against the greenback will not hamper the project.  He said: “There is no need for a review, as all the plans were made on a euro basis".

Jan-2015. Limak Holding chairman Nihat Ozdemir said Istanbul New Airport will sign a a EUR4.5 billion (USD5.1 billion) loan package in May-2015 for Phase I of the hub. Turkey’s largest corporate loan to date will be secured by seven domestic lenders. Mr Ozdemir said: “We’re now using about 1 billion euros of equity and abridge loan of about 750 million euros” for the land survey and earth moving work. The total cost of Phase I will be EUR5.5 billion (USD6.3 billion), with the airport to eventually cost an estimated EUR10.3 billion (USD11.7 billion).

Turkish Airlines said the new Istanbul Airport is on target to open in 2017. The EUR10.2 billion airport will have three runways and a terminal with capacity for 90 million passengers p/a when it opens. The target date for opening is 29-Oct-2017. Its capacity will eventually rise to 150 million annual passengers, the first of two planned development phases being activated when it handles 80 million passengers p/a. Turkish Airlines president and CEO Temil Kotil commented: “The new airport will be good for Turkish Airlines and Istanbul as although Atatürk is a very good airport, we have outgrown it, and need more capacity to meet future demand.” 

Turkish Chamber of Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) stated the construction of the airport could threaten the water supply of the city as a result of the 2.5 billion square metres of landfill required for the project. TMMOB said: "The landfill will stop the rainwater seeping underground. Istanbul will be deprived of water."

Dec-2014. Turkish Union of Engineers and Architects' Chamber (TMMOB) cautioned that the lowering of the ground level of İstanbul's third airport from 105m to 70m could render takeoffs and landings impossible. TMMOB spokesperson Süleyman Solmaz said: “If the airport's runways are built according to a 70 metre ground level, it will be theoretically impossible for plans to land and take off, according to the evaluations based on simulations by flight engineers and specialists". Land Survey Engineers' Chamber (HKMO) member Selin Bostan said that the lowered ground level would result in aircraft running into the Northern Marmara highway while taking off. She said: “The southern area [around the airport] would need to be trimmed completely. With this current plan it is impossible for the planes to take off and land… either the Northern Marmara highway or the airport project needs to be revised". 

Transport Minister Lutfi Elvan responded to criticism of the Chamber of Geology Engineers over construction of the new airport. Mr Elvan said: “We know the airport is being built on a marsh area. The chamber should quit playing politics and focus on science.” Mr Elvan said more than 750 drilling operations had been made at the site, adding: “The construction of the airport will begin after these activities have been completed.” Mr Elvan reiterated the airport is expected to be complete on time.

Nov-2014. The Cengiz-Kolin-Limak-Mapa-Kalyon Consortium and Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) continue with ground works for the new airport. 780 geological surveys have been taken since the beginning of works in Mar-2014, according to the project’s geotechnical reports. At least 1020 soil samples and 9000 Cone Penetrometer Tests (CPT) were taken. Turkey’s Authority of Aviation Organisation and Administration, under the General Directorate of State Airports Authority, is observing the coordination and management of the project’s progress. The airport is planned to commence operations on 20-Oct-2017, on the 94th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic.

Aug-2014. The airport could be named after outgoing Prime Minister and President-elect Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Jul-2014. The Birdwatching Society (IKGT) founder Akdogan Ozkan advised the country's proposed third Istanbul airport site will disrupt the region's local ecosystem, claiming "there will be at least 780 collisions between birds and planes every year around the third airport". Mr Ozkan advised the third airport will be constructed through migration routes due to the wetland ecosystem in the area. The new facility will be constructed on a site with old open-pit coal mines that must be filled, requiring approximately 2.5 billion cubic metres of material to reach a desired level of elevation for the aerodrome. According to the society's founder, that landfill will affect the ecosystem and the migratory bird population. Mr Ozkan advised the country's Government should review its site selection criteria.

According to the Republican People's Party (CHP) İstanbul deputy Aykut Erdoğdu the ground level of the third İstanbul Airport has been lowered, at a minimum cost of EUR2 billion. Mr Erdoğdu claims that the ground level for the airport was set at 105m above sea level in the terms of the tender, but was subsequently lowered to 75m above sea level.

Jun-2014. Limak Group chairman Nihat Özdemir said construction on the airport "has commenced". The Cengiz-Kolin-Limak-Mapa-Kalyon Consortium plan to complete a financing agreement by Sep-2014. I think we will start construction for the airport next year [2015]. We are going to procure filling materials [and fill the land ourselves]".

The Turkish Chamber of Architects said the delay in the government’s Kanal Istanbul project has led to changes in plans for the new airport, as land excavated in the canal project was planned to be used to raise the elevation of the airport. Around 2.5 billion cubic metres of filling material is required, which were set to be mostly taken from the Kanal Istanbul project excavation soil.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a ground breaking ceremony for the project on 07-Jun-2014 . Mr Erdogan said the first phase of the construction for what he called the “victory monument” project is slated for completion on 29-Oct-2017.

Construction will commence on 07-Jun-2014 to be complete by the end of 2018. Drainage works has commenced to clear more than 70 lakes in northern Istanbul located where the airport is to be constructed. The water from the lakes will flow into the Black Sea via canals.

May-2014. Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek said he expects construction work on the third Istanbul airport will commence in Jun-2014. The airport will be developed at a consideration of EUR22.1 billion by the consortium of five Turkish companies. It will have a design capacity for 100 million passengers p/a once fully operational.

Treasury Undersecretary İbrahim H Çanakçı said the new airport in İstanbul, which is predicted to cost USD30 billion, will not enjoy Treasury guarantees because the Treasury has no authority to provide financial guarantees for State Economic Enterprises (KIT). Mr Çanakçı said that the new İstanbul airport project was initiated by the State Airports Management General Directorate (DHMİ), which is a KİT and therefore the Treasury cannot guarantee any liabilities resulting from the project. He also stressed that guarantees by the Treasury are provided only for general budget public institutions which do have not the authority to independently borrow.

Apr-2014. The State Treasury could include the airport project in the State Treasury's insurance. The State Treasury will guarantee a return on the costs of companies assuming mega-projects worth up to TRY3 billion (EUR1 billion) in build-operate-transfer tenders, due to a new regulation published in the Official Gazette on 19-Apr-2014. According to the new arrangement, the Turkish state will reimburse 85% of loans to the companies involved in project tenders if the agreement is canceled due to company-related faults. The Treasury will reimburse the total amount of loans if the tender is annulled for any other cause. The provision also foresees that those particular projects will not be subject to the TRY6 billion (EUR2 billion) ceiling. This will effectively mean that the consortiums that won the tenders for large projects such as Istanbul’s third airport could be included among projects, thus retroactively benefiting from the new regulation.

The airport will emphasis passenger service over self-service. Flexibility is also a design priority, allowing the airport to adapt to security policies and changing requirements. The first phase of the EUR22 billion airport project is scheduled to be complete by late 2018, with initial capacity for 90 million passengers p/a. The following three phases will increase this to 150 million passengers p/a. Terminal 1 at the airport will cover more than 1 million sqft.

Mar-2014. The Republican People’s Party (CHP) Mayoral candidate Mustafa Sarıgül expressed his support for the third airport project for Istanbul, but has objected to the location of the proposed airport. Mr Sarıgül believes the new airport should be constructed in the western district of Silivri as had been planned at the beginning, rather than in northern Istanbul where the city’s forests are located. He said, "The third airport should be built. We support the project. But we should reconsider its location. The airport was to be built in the Silivri region in plans prepared by Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş".

The Limak-Cengiz-Kolin-Mapa-Kalyon OGG consortium, which was awarded the tender to construct a third airport in İstanbul has submitted a new environmental impact report (ÇED) after a court decision ordered that its construction be suspended. The consortium submitted a new, 1347-page ÇED to the Ministry of Transportation on 06-Mar-2014, and if the new environmental report is approved, it will invalidate the decision to halt construction. The new ÇED includes an ecological evaluation report prepared by Professor Latif Kurt, stating that the project needs to be assessed in detail or it could lead to a large-scale loss of habitat and biomass in the region, along with a positive appraisal of the plans from the Ministry of Defence.

Feb-2014. The Economic Policy Research Foundation (TEPAV) stated that Istanbul New Airport is not included in Turkey's 10th development plan with funding for the airport to place a strain on the economy. Spokesman Esen Çağlar stated the project would "revive the construction sector but added that the project has the potential to do grave harm to the area's ecosystem".

The Istanbul Administrative Court ordered the suspension of the construction of İstanbul's third airport. The decision came after an environmental organisation filed a lawsuit to İstanbul Fourth Administrative Court, requesting the annulment of the Councils of State the Environmental Impact Analysis (ÇED), which played a crucial role in 'go-ahead' decision of the Environment and Urban Planning Ministry to hold tender for the construction of the airport. Subsequently, the Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan said the court decision would not interfere with the construction of the airport. Turkish Airlines chairman Hamdi Topcu said the decision to postpone construction is not the right decision. Turkish Environment Minister Idris Gulluce said the court decision is based upon a "factual error".

Oct-2013. Nordic Office of Architecture stated it was awarded the right to design Istanbul's airport. The Norwegian architect joined forces with Haptic Architects, Grimshaw Architects and Arup Associates to be awarded the contract by the Turkish consortium of ‘Cengiz, Mapa, Limak, Kolin and Kalyon’  over eight other contenders to design what is expected to be the world’s largest airport. The airport will be designed to accommodate 90 million passengers p/a, increasing to 150 million passengers p/a within 10 years. The 8000ha airport is scheduled for completion by 2017. The Nordic Office of Architecture has previously developed Oslo Gardermoen Airport and is currently working on a project at Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi Airport.

Jul-2013. France's  AdP CEO Augustin de Romanet said the company's Turkish unit in which it has a 38% stake, TAV Havalimanlari Holding AS, will likely run Istanbul Ataturk Airport until the end of its term in 2021. He said, “The fact that this third airport is very difficult to build means that the probability that we can operate Ataturk for seven years is very strong". He said the construction of the new airport in Istanbul may suffer from “delays” as recent political turmoil in Turkey “emboldens environmentalists who want to protest over the fact that two million trees have to be cut.”

Turkey's Republican People's Party (CHP) announced plans to take a tender for the construction of a planned third airport in İstanbul to the Council of State, seeking a cancellation. CHP İstanbul deputy Aykut Erdoğdu claimed that the project will cause irreparable damage to the environment. The CHP's petition, Mr Erdoğdu said, is linked to a discrepancy between two environmental assessment reports prepared on different dates. Turkey's recent riots (Jun-2013) were initially prompted by environmental concerns over development of a central Istanbul square.

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