Beijing Daxing International Airport

New Airport
Completion: in 5 days (30-Jun-2019)
City: Beijing
Country/Territory: China


  • Owner/investor:
    • CAAC
  • Investment (USD):
    • 13,800,000,000


  • Annual (pax):
    • Initial: 72,000,000
    • When completed: 100,000,000
  • Annual (cargo, tonnes):
    • 2000000


  • Terminal:
    • 700,000m²
  • Runways:
    • 3,800m
    • 3,800m
    • 3,800m
    • 3,400m


Beijing Daxing International Airport is a new airport construction project which will serve Beijing, China. The project is expected to cost CNY80 billion (USD13.1 billion) in total, with construction work commenced in Dec-2014. Once completed in Jun-2019, the airport will have capacity to handle 45 million passengers p/a during the initial stages, 70 million passengers by 2025 with plans for expanding the facility into an airport capable of handling 100 million passengers p/a. Meanwhile, an air transport-related economic zone is also planned, with an investment of CNY84 billion (USD13.4 billion). 

Beijing spent USD3.5 billion to build what was the world’s largest airport passenger terminal. However, China’s national planning agency has given the go-ahead to a new airport that will cost nearly four times as much. Beijing International Airport’s Terminal 3 was built just in time for the Beijing Olympics in Mar-2008. It is a sprawling 700,000 square metre complex. Despite the major expansion, Beijing International Airport, Asia’s busiest, has struggled to handle passengers, leading to delays that have become legendary among frequent travellers. Beijing Airport reached its design capacity in 2013 of 75 million. The airport plans to complete overall construction in Jun-2019 and commence operations by 30-Sep-2019.

May-2019. China Southern Airlines announced it completed construction of the Beijing Daxing International Airport cargo facility on 28-May-2019.

Mar-2019. Beijing Daxing International Airport commenced phase two of its base project construction project on 16-Mar-2019.

Oct-2018. CAAC stated China's Party Central Committee and State Council approved Beijing Daxing International Airport as the official name of Beijing New Airport. CAAC confirmed construction works to develop the airport will be completed by 30-Jun-2019 in preparation for the commencement of operations by 30-Sep-2019.

Sep-2018. CAAC confirmed plans Beijing Daxing International Airport will commence operations by 30-Sep-2019. Groundworks for the new airport are reportedly 93% completed, with passenger terminal interior design and equipment installations works expected to be completed by Apr-2019.


27-Jul-2018. Beijing Daxing International Airport plans to complete west air traffic control tower by Mar-2019 and finish trial operation preparation by Jun-2019.

11-Jul-2018. CAAC announced construction work on Beijing Daxing International Airport will be completed on 30-Jun-2019 and the airport will commence operations on 30-Sep-2019. 

09-Jul-2018. CAAC DG Feng Zhenglin reported construction works for the development of Beijing Daxing International Airport are scheduled to be completed by 30-Jun-2019, in preparation for the airport to commence operation on 30-Sep-2019. Mr Zhenglin said aviation turbine fuel storage facilities at the airport are expected to be completed in Apr-2019 and access roads will be commissioned in Jun-2019.

May-2018. Beijing Daxing International Airport plans to complete its main construction project in Dec-2018. The airport plans to commence inspection and acceptance work from Apr-2019 and to commence operation in Oct-2019.

CAAC reported 92% of earthwork for the movement area and 42% of pavement construction work was completed for the Beijing New Airport. CAAC also provided the following development updates:

Terminal building interior decoration and electromechanical equipment installation are underway;
Construction of the information centre building is "making steady progress";
Construction of various information systems is "under full swing";
Construction of municipal facilities are underway with the outbound viaduct structure already completed;
Construction of ATC and fuel supply facilities, airline bases and other supporting facilities "kicked off one after another".

Mar-2018. China Southern Airlines CFO Xiao Lixin said the group would invest CNY15 billion (USD2.4 billion) in 2018 and 2019 towards the construction of new hub at the New Beijing Airport, with investment of another CNY500 million (USD79 million) p/a on other equipment.

Jan-2018. Beijing Daxing International Airport internal passenger terminal construction and equipment installation works have reportedly commenced, following the completion of the terminal's roof and walls on 31-Dec-2017. Construction works for the airport are expected to be almost complete by the end of 2018 in preparation for the launch of commercial and aeronautical operations by Sep-2019.

Dec-2017. China Eastern Airlines launched its new Beijing Daxing International Airport base construction and core area project on 05-Dec-2017. The project will involve investment of CNY13.2 billion (USD1.9 billion) and cover an area of 1.17 million sqm.

Oct-2017. China Southern Airlines held a ground breaking ceremony for its new Beijing Daxing Airport base on 10-Oct-2017. The base at the new airport, covering 62ha, is expected to have 250 aircraft in operation and operating more than 900 services per day by 2025. 


08-Sep-2017. Beijing Daxing Airport construction project completed CNY30.8 billion (USD4.7 billion) in investment, as of end of Aug-2017, accounting for 39% of total planned investment. The construction project includes four runways, 150 passenger aircraft parking bays, 24 freighter aircraft parking bays, 14 maintenance aircraft parking bays, a 700,000sqm terminal.

07-Sep-2017. China's Shanxi ATC branch commenced Beijing Daxing International Airport's ATC project.

Jul-2017. Beijing Daxing Airport announced its terminal steel structure topped out on 30-Jun-2017, with an area covering 313,000sqm. The airport plans to complete main construction by the end of 2018 and commence operation in 2019. 

Jun-2017. Beijing Capital International Airport Company GM Zhiliang Han revealed that the Shougang Fund Consortium has won the Beijing Daxing International Airport parking building management rights transfer project, with China Resources Land Consortium and Beijing Huarun Shuguang Real Estate Development Corporation selected as the transferees under a 25 year operator contract.

May-2017. CAAC announced construction commenced on the west air traffic control (ATC) tower for Beijing Daxing Airport in May-2017. Construction of the east tower and core ATC working area is expected to commence in Jul-2017, with the entire ATC facilities project for the airport scheduled to be complete by Sep-2019. 

Mar-2017. The new airport subway line connecting Beijing City to Beijing Daxing Airport is on schedule to be complete by 2019. The new subway line will become the fastest subway in China upon completion.

Feb-2017. Beijing Daxing Airport plans to commence construction on its West tower in Apr-2017. 


23-Jan-2017. Beijing Daxing Airport development project completed construction of the main terminal building on 19-Jan-2017, according to project contractor Beijing Urban Construction Investment Development.

18-Jan-2017. CAAC reported the Beijing Daxing International Airport development project is progressing well and all required land has been delivered. The concrete structures as part of the core area of the terminal building have been completed and base construction has also been developed. 

Dec-2016. Beijing Daxing Airport expressway construction commenced on 30-Nov-2016. The expressway is expected to open by the end of 2018, will be a convenient link between the new airport and Beijing’s city centre.

Oct-2016. Beijing Daxing Airport plans to compete its terminal building construction in Mar-2017.

Sep-2016. Beijing Daxing Airport celebrated the completion of its main terminal underground structure construction on 20-Sep-2016, marking the completion of 60% of total concrete engineering work for the construction project.


26-Aug-2016. Beijing Daxing Airport plans to complete its first phase construction works and commence operation around Jul-2019. The airport is planned to have seven runways.

12-Aug-2016. CAAC North China Regional Administration announced it is to actively cooperate with Beijing Daxing Airport, to strengthen communication and to jointly accelerate the new airport construction progress. 

Jun-2016. Beijing Daxing Airport announced the completion of pile foundation construction work on its core terminal area. As of the end of May, the airport has completed total of CNY20.6 billion (USD3.1 billion) on its main terminal project.


11-Dec-2015. China’s National Audit Office stated construction work on new Beijing Daxing International Airport is behind schedule due to delays in land acquisition and demolition work. As of the end of Oct-2015, Beijing and Hebei Province had obtained less than half of the total land needed, and 16.7 million sqm of the 27.3 million sqm of land are still required. The construction of the new airport was authorised by the State Council in 2012 and is expected to be completed by 2019.

09-Dec-2015. Beijing New Airport and Trimble (TRMB) announced a contract extension for Beijing's New Airport Project. In Apr-2015, Trimble was awarded the initial bid to supply the project with a construction information management system. The contract has now been extended to include additional machine control systems for soil stabilisation. Trimble was chosen by the Beijing New Airport Project to implement a browser-based, locally-hosted digital construction information management system for tracking and monitoring construction operations in real-time.

Nov-2015. Beijing's new international airport, currently under construction, will eventually have capacity to handle 100 million passenger p/a. The airport will have initial capacity to handle 72 million passengers and two million tons of cargo and mail, across four runways. It is planned that the new airport will have seven runways. Construction on the runway started in late 2014 and construction on the airport's terminal started in Sep-2015.

Sep-2015. Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau secretary Li Yingjin stated the government plans to issue government bonds worth CNY6.7 billion (USD1.0 billion) in 2015, including CNY4 billion (USD625 million) used to fund the land expropriation for New Beijing Daxing International Airport. This is the second time the government has increased the funding for land expropriation and housing demolition in 2015. Mr Li said the increase is due to adjustments to the demolition range and increase in social security costs. As previously reported, the new airport will have a total investment of around CNY80 billion (USD12.5 billion), and is expected to open in 2019.

Jun-2015. New Beijing Daxing International Airport plans to commence construction work on its terminal building in Sep-2015. The Chinese government has completed house registration and plans to register the land requisitioned for the new airport. The airfield area will consist of 14 sectors, eight of which are in Beijing and the rest in Hebei. The construction project includes three 3800m runways, one 3400m runway, an additional parallel taxiway and a speedy exit taxiway. The terminal will have initial capacity for 45 million passengers p/a. The new airport is scheduled to go into formal operation in 2019 and has attracted an investment of CNY80 billion (USD12.5 billion).

Apr-2015. Beijing Capital Airport seeks to acquire over CNY10 billion (USD1.6 billion) of long-term syndicated loans to support the construction of Beijing Daxing International Airport.

Mar-2015. The airport plans to complete all demolition work and commence terminal construction in 3Q2015. Construction on the Beijing Daxing Airport MTR line is also scheduled to commence in 2015.


25-Feb-2015. ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) unveiled its latest design for Terminal 1 at Beijing New Daxing Airport. 

The key feature of the airport operator's design concept is the vertical stacking of the international and domestic levels with a single, centralised passenger-handling centre. According to ADP Ingénierie, the compact design will make the airport economical to operate and easy to navigate, with boarding gates no further than 600m from the central shopping and services space. The new airport will have seven runways with 7.5 million sqft of surface area and a 5km façade. Scheduled to open in 2018, it will have an annual capacity of 45 million passengers with the potential to expand to 72 million.

07-Feb-2015. Capital Airports Holding Company and Agricultural Bank of China signed a strategic cooperation agreement in which both sides will enter into a long-term comprehensive strategic partnership. Agricultural Bank of China will provide CNY100 billion (USD16.0 billion) financing for the Beijing Daxing Airport, the airport group’s daily operation turnover and airport construction over the next five years.

05-Feb-2015. ADP Ingeniérie (ADPI) and Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) completed the concept design for the Beijing New Airport Terminal Building, which will be the world's largest, under the leadership of the Beijing New Airport Headquarters (BNAH), based on the bid-winning planning scheme by ADPI. In Oct-2014, the Beijing New Airport Headquarters created a Joint Design Team bringing together ADPI and Zaha Hadid Architects with competition consortium group members Buro Happold, Mott Macdonald and EC Harris to collaborate on the optimised concept design for the Beijing New Airport Terminal Building. Initially accommodating 45 million passengers p/a, the new terminal will have an integrated multi-modal transport centre featuring direct links to local and national rail services. Following the completion of the concept design stage, the project is now being led by the Local Design Institute team under the continued leadership of BNAH. The terminal is expected to be completed in 2018 with a budget now of USD13.8 billion

Jan-2015. Daxing District secretary Li Changyou stated demolition work for the terminal at the New Beijing Airport will commence in Mar-2015 at the earliest.


26-Dec-2014. CAAC deputy director Zhou Laizhen announced work on the New Beijing Airport located in Daxing district has commenced and is scheduled for completion in 2019. The airport will be categorised as a large international hub airport with seven runways and capacity to handle 100 million passengers p/a eventually. Phase one of construction has set 2025 as its target year, with capacity for 72 million passengers, 2.0 million tonnes of cargo and 620,000 aircraft movements p/a. Also by 2025, construction work on four runways will be completed, as well as a 700,000sqm terminal, 150 parking aprons for passenger aircraft, 24 parking aprons for cargo aircraft, 14 maintenance areas and related facilities. A 66km rapid transit line will be constructed to link northern areas of the city to the new airport. The airport project is estimated to cost around CNY80 billion (USD13 billion).

15-Dec-2014. China’s National Development and Reform Commission approved the construction of Beijing Daxing Airport, with total investment of CNY80 billion (USD13.1 billion). The airport includes four runways and a terminal building covering 700,000sqm. The airport will have the annual capacity to handle 45 million passenger numbers in 2020, 72 million passenger by 2025 and 100 million in the longer term. Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines are all expected to operate out of the new airport.

Nov-2014. Beijing Daxing Airport plans to commence construction at the end of 2014 with total investment of CNY41 billion (USD6.68 billion). The airport is now scheduled to commence operations in 2019.

May-2014. Daxing Airport reported total investment reached CNY86 billion (USD13.7 billion) on its construction project, including CNY80.0 billion (USD12.8 billion) on airport construction, CNY23 million (USD3.7 million) on airport air traffic control, CNY1.9 billion (USD303.7 million) on Beijing terminal control centre and 19.9 million (USD3.2 million) on fuel projects. Local demolition work will commence in second half of 2014.

Mar-2014. Beijing Daxing International Airport is due to commence trial operations in 2018. The new airport will feature four runways and will initially handle up to 45 million passengers p/a. By 2025, the new airport aims to achieve annual passenger numbers of 72 million.

Feb-2014. Langfang City CPPCC vice chairman Wang Xueqiu said construction work on the new Beijing Airport could commence in 1H2014 at the earliest with construction to take place between 2014 and 2018.

Jan-2014. Capital Airports Holding Company stated preparations for the New Beijing Airport has been completed and Daxing District has been "well prepared", adding that once the airport project’s feasibility report is approved, construction work on the airport will commence. Beijing Capital Airport has been operating at full capacity and based on current growth projections for the airport, it is expected to handle 85.7 million passengers this year and it is just a matter of time before it exceeds the 90 million annual passenger milestone. Although growth has slowed down in recent years, traffic at Beijing Capital has nonetheless exceeded its design capacity, so that even if construction work on the new airport starts straight away it will still require around five years to complete, and Beijing Capital almost cannot cope.

Nov-2013. CAAC director general Xia Xinghua stated CAAC is currently considering constructing a dedicated LCC terminal at the proposed New Beijing Airport to further facilitate passenger travel and reduce airline operating costs. Mr Xia said: “We encourage first-tier cities to construct low cost carrier terminals to provide more convenient conditions for low cost carriers.”

Apr-2013. Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform stated construction work on the New Beijing Airport will commence in 2014 and be completed with the airport to open in 2018. The proposed new airport and aerotropolis will require a workforce of up to 500,000 employees.

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