New-to-market intel puts broader MRO/OEM contracts and capabilities data in your lap faster, comprehensively and at a better value than you may expect.

  • Broader Coverage

    Our 53 different contract types go further than letter-checks and scheduled MRO. Additionally, our MRO Matrix features logistics, spares, 3D-Printing, MRO software and more.

  • Comprehensive on Components

    Our MRO Matrix tracks every component area by ATA-chapter name and number for fixed-wing aircraft, including sub-chapters for landing gear, thrust reversers, EFB and IFE.

  • Faster

    Access your market's specific intel immediately with customisable views, saved searches and effective filters.

  • Immediate

    Live, real-time updates to our online-only system means no waiting, no software updates, no delays, Stay up-to-date with 3rd-party developments rather than recycling well-known data with our MRO solution.

  • Easy to Use

    User-friendly interface with export capabilities and consistent, seamless integration with the CAPA market analysis, news, commercial Fleets & Data Centre.

  • API Integration

    All features of our MRO Matrix can are available via API integration, providing data to you the way you need to use it.

Featured Customer


CAPA’s intuitive and user friendly design of its MRO Matrix enables us to analyse key industry drivers and trends, providing us with a competitive edge in the ever-changing aviation aftermarket.

Elisa Gómez Esteve, Market and Research Analyst – AJW Group


  • Filtering the Matrix
  • Evaluate a Company
  • Data Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about CAPA's MRO Matrix, please book a demo or email us at info@centreforaviation.com.

  1. How will this data actually help me?

    • Keep up-to-date faster
    • Spot gaps
    • Instant crib-sheets or pre-call refresher
    • Watch only your market with customisable filters
    • Evaluate the competition
    • Finding an MRO/customers
    • Reduce time spent reading the news
  2. Where can I see more?

    • MRO Americas (10-12 Apr-2019)
    • Airline Leader (2-3 May-2019)
    • Dublin Aviation Summit (13-15 May-2019) (TBC)
    • MRO Asia (Singapore) (24-26 Sep-2019)
    • MRO Europe (15-17 Oct-2019)
  3. Where do you source your MRO information?

    • Our strong industry relationships
    • Direct news from company announcements are one starting-point; but...
    • We add value with over a decade of team expertise on the team, consolidating in one place, referring to existing intel and being impartial and consistent
    • Official sources (e.g. capabilities)
    • Members have eyes on our data and provide valuable feedback
  4. Who is using it?

    • The CAPA MRO Matrix is designed for MROs, OEMs, distributors, researchers and airline MRO buyers
    • AFKLM&M are one of the launch customers who have been using the data for over a year and have helped to shape where we are today
    • Other users would rather not be identified; indeed out quote "gain the unfair advantage" came directly from one of them
  5. What's different about the CAPA MRO Matrix?

    • Faster delivery of information on a live online platform with no update cycle
    • 53 contract types rather than just letter-checks/scheduled and component repair
    • Every component ATA chapter for fixed wing aircraft listed individually, with some sub-chapters - verses just avionics and landing gears that are usually focussed on
    • Focussed on being current and up-to-date on 3rd part MRO rather than recycling well-known information on in-house work
    • Smooth UI and cross-product integration
    • Lowest price guarantee
    • API
    • Impartial without sponsorship or censorship
    • Historical or completed contracts are retained to enhance research and contextualise

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