Our maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) matrix is one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective databases on the market. It features the latest insights on airframe, engine, APU and components updated in near-real time, to help you stay informed and identify new business opportunities. The MRO Matrix seamlessly integrates with our News, Analysis and Data tools, so you can access everything you need from one user-friendly platform.

Become a CAPA Member

The MRO Matrix is an add-on feature that’s only available to CAPA Members. Membership provides access to more than 6300 contracts and 2400 capability updates, with the ability to shape the matrix to your needs.

With end dates for around 38 per cent of contracts and historical data that lets you dig deep into past relationships, it’s the most effective way to spot trends, keep an eye on the competition and develop your business.

CAPA Membership provides access to more than 400 daily News Briefs, as well as in-depth Analysis Reports, Research Publications and a comprehensive Data Centre. You can also choose from a range of premium add-ons, including our global Fleet Database of more than 250,000 commercial aircraft records.