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Aviation Data

Route Capacity Analyser

Check airline capacity plans for any route or country pair worldwide for the next six months.

Traffic Benchmark

Compare monthly traffic performance for airline and airport peers.


Create lists of the biggest airlines, airports or routes by various capacity measures now and in the future.

Airports Data Homepage

Comprehensive airports data including:

  • Profiles
  • Investors
  • Charges and charges benchmark
  • Construction and CAPEX
  • Traffic
  • Contacts
  • Route capacity analysis
  • Rankings

Air Finance Homepage

Comprehensive finance data including:

  • CAPA Fleets
  • Fleet Analytics
  • Oriel Aircraft Values
  • Airline Traffic Benchmark
  • CASK Database
  • Airline Profiles
  • Airline Financials

CASK Database (Airline Unit Costs)

The CAPA Airline Unit Cost Index is an interactive graph of the relative positions of around 100 global airlines in terms of CASK versus average trip length.

Share Price Analyser

Compare share prices between airlines and airports.


Track LCC market share in any country or region worldwide for the past 10 years

CAPA Fleets Database

Display the current and past fleet data for airlines, aircraft and other options.


Navigate quickly to the world's start-up airlines, with full news and analysis

CAPA Fleets Analytics

Review the breakdown of aircraft in service and on order by manufacturer as well as average configurations by region or airport.

Airline groups

Analyse the ownership structure and investments across the airlines and airline groupings

Global Alliances

Review current and pending alliance members, their fleets and the changes to the picture if members join or leave and alliance.

Profile Finder

Generate a list of airlines fitting a defined profile for a selected region.

Codesharing and Interlining

Examine a list of airlines and corresponding codeshares.

Market Share

Compare the flight market between countries between airlines based in the selected country, airlines based in the paired country and airlines based in other countries.