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Which airports are investing in environmental measures?


With another batch of scare stories about melting Arctic ice, airports again must brace themselves for a further round of what has, like security spending, become a very significant cost item. This short report highlights examples of the proposals for, uptake of, and spending on, environmental measures by airports in the six months from Mar-2012 to Aug-2012 – the mundane, the innovative and the faintly comical (such as waterless urinals, a compost programme and the recycling of cooking oil) – that have come to the attention of CAPA. Two of the notable trends are an increase in the use of solar panels and of electric vehicles and attendant charging stations. [5987 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Long term weather forecast
  • UK CAA launches four-year programme to improve environmental performance
  • Stansted Airport hits recycling target three years early
  • Newquay Airport Solar Park to supply airport and National Grid
  • Fraport applies environmental targets in 17 fields
  • 300 solar panels on Geneva Airport’s roof
  • Waterless relief
  • Greece – Athens Airport supports local communities
  • North America – three projects in California
  • Newark, JFK and BWI turn to solar power
  • Cleveland recycles cooking oil into bio fuel
  • Asia – India in the vanguard
  • Plastic banned in Bangalore
  • Hong Kong’s modest ambition – to be the world’s greenest airport
  • Focus on bird control at Tokyo Haneda
  • Australasia
  • Recycling for profit at Fujairah
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