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US update – 2011 a make or break year for airport privatisation


Almost two years after the privatisation by lease of Chicago’s Midway Airport fell through, 2011 will be a ‘make or break’ year for those who would like to see more US airports attracting private capital and management (and there are plenty that don’t). Conversely, there are signs that at least one US airport operator is looking to Europe, possibly in an investment capacity. [2997 words]

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  • Six degrees of separation
  • 11 weeks of desperation?
  • Our (land)Lord Emanuel
  • USD1 billion Puerto Rico deal could add some impetus to Midway
  • Rise in infrastructure deals in emerging countries – World Bank
  • Not a wonderful (investment) world for Louis Armstrong
  • RfS better than RfP
  • Hendry’s location to give it a trucking advantage over Miami?
  • Locals swing in favour of Briscoe privatisation
  • High speed rail go-slow
  • Houston sniffing around Zagreb terminal PPP
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