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US general aviation airports to take on a commercial role?


With the majority of US airlines that have so far reported their 2Q1020 financial results showing a surprisingly healthy profit and/or revenue increase and with economic data generally suggesting that the country may be about to turn the corner as we ‘celebrate’ the three year anniversary of the deepest, and what will shortly be the longest, recession since WWII, the US’s lack of airport capacity in some regions once again rears its head. The last significant primary airport development was Denver International, which opened 15 years ago. Although there have been a handful of new secondary airports appearing during the last two years such as Branson, Missouri and Northwest Florida, there is a growing suggestion that general aviation airports in some of the US’s principal municipal city-regions might be needed to fill the gap. [2429 words]

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  • European LCC growth was predicated on the transformation of small municipal airfields into functioning commercial airports
  • US LCCs frequently opted to use airports many miles from the nearest large conurbation
  • Propeller Investments keen to attract LCCs to Briscoe Field
  • European model would need to be adopted
  • Horizon and Allegiant keen on using ‘Boeing’ airfield but most municipalities against it
  • “We’ll make it time consuming and expensive”
  • Entrepreneur seeks to build hub for new airline to the north of San Diego

Graphs and data:

  • Situation of Paine Field Airport
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