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US airlines to handle 1 billion pax by 2021 on faster growth; 2011 domestic air travel to grow 3%


US airline passenger numbers will reach 1 billion in fiscal year 2021, two years sooner than projected according to the US Federal Aviation Administration in its latest annual forecast for Fiscal Years 2011-2023. Annual growth is expected to average 2.8%, while traffic (RPMs) is expected to more than double over the 20 years to 1.7 trillion in 2031. [1248 words]

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  • First upward revision in pax forecast in more than a decade
  • Revised forecast in line with improved economic growth
  • Yields to increase in 2011; to decline in 2011-31 period
  • Traffic to more than double over next 20 years
  • US mainline pax to reach 786 million in 2013
  • Pax to/from US to reach 374 million by 2031
  • Cargo fleet to reach 1251 aircraft in 2031
  • 635 million domestic and 77 million international pax in 2010
  • Need for modernised air transportation system  

Graphs and data:

  • GDP by World Region (Average Annual Percent Growth)
  • US Mainline Air Carriers: Real Yield (Average Annual % growth)
  • US mainline air carriers: Enplanements by world region (Average annual % growth)
  • US mainline and foreign flag air carriers: Passengers by world region (Average annual % growth)
  • US regional air carrier enplanements (Average annual % growth)
  • US Commercial Air Carriers: Air cargo Revenue Ton Miles (Average Annual %)
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