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UK air traffic continues to fall


The "Fair Tax on Flying" alliance is the latest in a long list of organisations to call on the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer to follow the lead of other European governments in abandoning taxes on airline passengers. Meanwhile, a group of senior Conservative politicians and business leaders wrote to a national newspaper to call on the government to cancel its "vanity" high-speed rail project, “a GBP30 billion train set that only a minority of fortunate passengers can use". [2161 words]

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  • Mitigating circumstances
  • Financial challenges
  • A spoke in the global aviation hub
  • Stansted suffers largest decline
  • Air traffic movements back to 2001 levels
  • Majority of British passengers use British airlines
  • Leeds Bradford the fastest growing airport
  • Belfast’s George Best airport scores again
  • Ray of hope
  • Manchester a bellwether
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