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UAE's Ras Al Khaimah Airport seeks ‘low cost’ role


The UAE’s Ras Al Khaimah International Airport commercial manager, Mohammed Qazi, says the airport can operate as a low-cost facility and aims to attract LCCs and charter carriers to fill a niche in the UAE airport market. The airport is targeting operations from Western Europe and the CIS. Few of the region’s airports cater specifically to LCCs presently, but LCC uptake is still low compared to many other regions. [2147 words]

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  • Middle East LCC capacity share is less than half of the global average
  • An opportunity for foreign LCCs and charter carriers
  • Sharjah, with Air Arabia's presence, takes the lead
  • Fujairah establishes a lead in ‘innovation’
  • Cement city

Graphs and data:

  • Middle East LCC capacity share (% total seats): 2001 to 2012
  • Map of United Arab Emirates
  • Ras Al Khaimah International Airport network summary: 10-Jun-2012
  • Sharjah Airport capacity by carrier (seats per week): 04-Jun-2012 to 10-Jun-2012
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